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Year 7: Night of the Notables

The halls are currently buzzing with our Year 7 students who are super excited about tonight’s Night of the Notables. They can’t wait to introduce you to their notable person, and from what I have seen it promises to be a wonderful night with a lot of characters, costumes and excitement.

Their Big Brother Big Sister program has now drawn to a close with our Year 12 students off to exams. There were a few tears shed at the final Big Sister session, which I think was a testament to the level of relationship that was able to be built between our Year 7 and Year 12 students over this past year. The program has continued to enrich our Year 7 students’ experience and provides them with invaluable perspectives from older students on how to navigate these complex middle school years.

Year 8: Days for Girls

As part of their pastoral program, our Year 8 girls have been gaining a global perspective and researching what life is like in countries other than ours. The Year 8 girls are working towards their Social Justice Project ‘Days for Girls’, which takes place on 15 November. This project believes that every girl in the world deserves an education, safety, and dignity. It aims to assist girls to gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and raises awareness.  Our students will spend the day creating sustainable feminine hygiene packs for girls across the globe from local indigenous communities to remote areas of the Middle East. They will be packing, ironing, sewing, sorting and collating all day. They will also have Michelle Gates from the Days for Girls organisation coming to speak to them to ensure that they are aware of why they are making the packs and the positive impact that their hard work can have on the lives of other girls across the globe.  The Year 8 girls are currently fundraising in a variety of ways and are seeking donations of heavy cotton material (brightly coloured), dark flannel material, new face washers and soap. If you would like to donate goods or financially to this great cause, please contact Heather Ross ( for more details. If you would like to know more about this cause, the website is:

Year 9: Year 9/10 Production

I had the privilege of attending the Year 9/10 production ‘Miami Melton’ and ‘Man on the floor’ earlier this week. It was outstanding. I was completely blown away by the calibre of the performances across the board from our musicians, to our dancers, to our lead roles! There was a high level of energy and humour used throughout the play which kept the audience engaged and the entertainment level high. Congratulations to Tiarna Byrnes, Lilli Holliday-Ryder, Olivia Dunkley, Freya Bryson, Alyssa Dunn, Catherine Gray, Nile Korphaibool, Laura Mitcham, Hannah Murray, Chelsea Regan, Lydia Tan, Charlie Victoria, Zoe Liew and Jeanette Yang for all their outstanding efforts and managing to fit this into their busy school term.



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