Girls’ Middle School News

The Big Day In was a wonderful example of a well-rounded set of activities, which students experienced as part of the well-rounded education they receive at Tintern Grammar. It was an opportunity to develop social skills, work with students from across year levels, promote overall well-being, and be creative. The theme for the day was the 2018 Middle School theme: Courageous not Perfect. Students heard life experiences from an inspirational woman, participated in discussions centred around this theme, and participated in activity and creativity in a fun and vibrant way. Although this is a day for girls in Middle School, the leadership shown by the senior girls who volunteered to be part of the day was exemplary. The ideas they generated and initiative they displayed was outstanding, and an excellent example to the Middle School girls. Overall, Big Day In was a big day of success, and we look forward to next year with anticipation.

The annual House Cross Country took place on our lovely campus on Friday afternoon, with conditions slightly more challenging (it was a bit wet underfoot) than usual. It is always a pleasurable way to spend the afternoon, whether walking or running, and those who participated enjoyed the event. Other events over the last fortnight have included the Brass and Woodwind concert, Year 9 Romeo and Juliet and Year 8 Hanging Rock excursions, and the Melbourne Writers Festival and Math Craft excursion for selected students. As always, there are many opportunities on offer.

Recently you will have received the Term 3 interim report. The information these reports contain is valuable for monitoring your child’s progress, as were the subsequent Parent/Teacher/Student conferences. This last quarter of the year is as important as any part of the year, if not more so, as the work covered in class prepares the students for next year’s curriculum.

Year 9 students have their first school examinations at the end of the year. In order to help prepare them for this, Elevate Education will be running two presentations covering time-management (Tuesday 18 September) and exam preparation (Term 4). These are very timely sessions, which should benefit all students greatly, and will continue in Pastoral lessons as we focus on preparation for Senior College. Year 8 students will soon be sent information regarding our Smoothie Bar incursion which culminates in a parent evening on Wednesday 19 September. Year 7 students have chosen their Notable and are currently working toward planning their presentation space ready for their Night of the Notable evening in October. Finally, the whole school is looking forward to our Battle of the Bands event on the last day of Term 3; a wonderful way to finish what has been a fulfilling and rewarding term. 



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