Girls’ Middle School News

Most of us would agree that a well-rounded education is very important for our young people. As we prepare our students for a career, a sound knowledge in subject areas is critical, even though we sometimes hear the question “Why do I need to know this?” In addition to curriculum-based subjects, exposure to a wide variety of activities is also of great value in education. The past two weeks have been very busy for our Middle School girls, and have exposed them to a broad range of such experiences, each offering multiple benefits.

Our Annual Music Concert was a fine display of talent, skill and dedication by all those who performed. The standard of the evening is always very high and this year was no exception. It was clear our young people were enjoying every moment of their performances, as was the audience. Almost as a reward for this evening, all Year 7 and 8 students attended a performance by Bernard Mangakahia on the following Monday, titled ‘Mana – The Spirit of Polynesia’. This event was much more than just a music incursion. It was not only a cultural performance of very enjoyable music and dance, but also a lesson on life. Bernard weaved life lessons into his presentation in a most skilful way, which kept our students enthralled throughout the session. His messages included following your dreams and having the courage to do so, the importance of talking to each other, and the importance of friendships and family to name but a few. It was a truly enriching session.

Our Year 9 students had a wonderful week at Camp Howqua last week. I have attended this camp several times over the years and without fail, students have a great time. The days are action-packed with a range of activities which challenge and extend the students physically, mentally and sometimes emotionally, always with a positive outcome. They have the opportunity to be creative, broaden their friendship base and do not have to pitch a tent or cook their own food!

While the past two weeks have been full, we still have many exciting events coming up in the Girls’ Middle School. This Friday 24 August we have a special Prep-12 Girls Assembly, which will reflect the unity and togetherness that is special among our students. Musical items, photo presentations and stories from past and present students will be shared as we celebrate in the CM Wood Centre, beginning at 8.40am. You are most welcome to attend if you are able. On the same day, we also have our Middle School Girls’ “Big Day In” – a day of mindfulness, fun and well-being. This was a most positive event last year and will be so again this year.



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