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Social intelligence is the capacity to know oneself and to know others. This definition comes from Wikipedia, and goes on to say that it is social intelligence that defines who we are.

Being socially intelligent prevents a variety of social problems, including drug and alcohol abuse, violence, truancy and bullying. Being socially intelligent promotes student’s academic success, health and overall well-being. Effective social skills learned in school significantly improves student academic achievement, attitudes about self and others, and conduct in school, home and the community. School is not only a place where we learn reading, writing and math; it is also a place where students learn to get along and develop social skills.

Exposure to a wide variety of activities, both within the curriculum and of an extra-curricular nature, increases and improves the opportunity to develop social skills. Activities occurring outside regular classes help students to expand their circle of acquaintances and awakens social development. These various activities can unlock new ideas, creativity, experiences and opportunity. They can also provide occasions for leadership to develop and introduces students to new ideologies.

We are very fortunate at Tintern to have a number of co-curricular activities which students can involve themselves in, both within and outside the classroom. Social intelligence can continue to develop effectively when students take advantage of the events offered. We encourage students to participate in these where possible, broadening and enriching their education and social intelligence. Our new STEAM Centre provides another opportunity for students to interact in an environment that is unlike the traditional classroom. This space is being used more frequently by a variety of classes since it became available. Not only does a STEAM education match the technology workforce of the future, it also encourages ‘liquid skills’ enabling students to adapt to a fluid working landscape throughout their lives. These social skills include the ability to work with others, verbal communication, creative and critical thinking, active listening and learning. These are deemed to be more important than high academic achievement.

Several extra-curricular activities are also scheduled by staff during class time, one example being the recent 100 Days of Year 7 which all Year 7 students enjoyed recently. Activities on the day included muffin-making and organised games – both opportunities to mix with others, unlock creativity and diversify experiences. Further opportunities yet to come this term include the Big Day In, Year 8 Smoothie Bar and the Year 9 Winter Camp.

During the most recent Principal’s Assembly, we celebrated both the sporting and academic achievements of many of our Middle School girls: EISM medals were awarded for the recently completed inter-school rounds, and Distinction Certificates for the Science ICAS competition were also presented. It was also wonderful to hear many of our pianists perform at the Senior Piano Concert last week and we look forward with anticipation to the Annual Music Concert which takes place this Friday 10 August, where we will again be celebrating the many talents of our Middle School girls. We are very blessed with talented students at Tintern.



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