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Aristotle is known to have said “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. We are so fortunate to be part of a community of families and staff where education is valued, but importantly, each individual is valued.

We have just returned to what is always a very important term – the term after receiving Semester 1 Reports. These reports are valuable tools from which new beginnings can arise. As your daughter’s main influence, you have the very important role of ensuring she knows you believe in her, and this is demonstrated when you encourage her as often as possible. In this role as encourager, you can help her set Semester 2 goals, and foster achievement of those goals. Parents are also encouraged to take an active interest in their child’s schoolwork, no matter how old they are, as research has shown this is one of the hallmarks of success. You are encouraged to work with teachers when concerns arise. We all want the best for our students, as we work toward educating their minds.

Several events, which also educate the heart will occur this term. Apart from the Pastoral program, which is heart and mind focused, all the girls will be involved in the Girls’ Middle School “Big Day In” which has an intentional mindfulness and wellbeing focus. In this Winter Term, opportunities for the girls to take time out, refresh, be challenged, and build on relationships are important. Year 7s will be doing this through their 100 days of Year 7 Celebration, Year 8s with the new Smoothie Bar venture we are planning, and Year 9s with their Winter Camp. There are many other events coming up as well, including auditions for the 2019 Production, House Cross Country, Melbourne Writers Festival and subject excursions.

Over the Winter break, several of our girls were educating their mind, heart and body by participating in activities which they are passionate about. Ophelia Sebek is dedicated to pursuing her passion for ice-skating. During the holidays, she attended a skating camp in Ceska Lipa, Czechia, working toward being her best. Similarly, Paige Anderson and Lauren Wooller spent the weeks studying ballet with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy through their Summer Intensive Program in New York. Their placement in this event was strictly via audition only. Both Lauren and Paige were dancing from 9-5 every weekday, with one of the venues being Hunter College in Manhattan. Congratulations to these young ladies for the wonderful commitment they show to fulfilling their dreams.

I wish all families a wonderful Term 3, and look forward to sharing it with your daughter.

by Anthea Watkins, Acting Head of Girls’ Middle School (Term 3) & Year 8 Girls’ Co-ordinator



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