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What an amazing Term 2 we have had! On Monday, our Year 8B and 8E students joined together with our pre-prep students to produce an innovative music concert. This performance was highly engaging and interactive. It provided an excellent opportunity for our Year 8 students to showcase the skills they have developed as part of our Year 8 Music program and to participate in a positive cross-age interaction between our Middle School and ELC. There were many highlights from the concert such as the energetic performance of ‘Hawaii Five-O’ and the creativity in performing ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ on electronic pan drums on their iPads whilst keeping in time with pre-prep students singing along. They showed great passion in bucket drumming group and patience in mastering the challenge of a boomwacker as they performed ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’. This was followed by a lovely community singalong of ‘I Still Call Australia Home’.

Today our Year 9 students are frantically preparing for our inaugural combined House Showdown performance, which is tonight! They are so excited to show off their hard work over this semester as they have choreographed two dances per house, produced a creative programme booklet and a video story of their rehearsal process. Our House leaders have done an outstanding job in working with each House to identify strengths within their teams and to utilise these in the most effective way. Leading large groups of people to learn a complicated dance routine can be challenging at the best of times, but our leaders have shown outstanding commitment, respect, passion and understanding to those who are less coordinated than others are. There is a delightful nervous energy around the Year 9’s today, which indicates the level they have invested in tonight’s performance, which will be a wonderful success I am sure.

Last week our Year 7 students put on an exciting House hip-hop flash-mob style performance for our Junior School. The Year 7 students as part of the Sports program have been working together to produce an exciting performance of hip-hop dance which a combination of aerobics and dance in style. Throughout the program, some students discovered hidden talents for both dance and hip-hop style in particular. This new addition to the Sports program was a good source of cardiovascular fitness and of course teamwork in working together to produce an excellent routine. They also had a lot of fun stepping outside their comfort zone and trying something new.

A quick snapshot around Middle School over the last few weeks. We had Round 3 of our Debating on 6 June where again our team of Tintern debaters put in a terrific effort into winning their cases and delivered mature and considered approaches to their topics. On 14 June 14 at the farm, we held our first Junior Judging competition for our Young Farmer students. Our Young Farmers Captains put together an excellent program where our Middle School students got the chance to practice their sheep judging skills before heading off to test their skills in the real world at our upcoming Bendigo Show trip. Our Year 9 Outdoor Education class tried caving (or spelunking as it is officially known) many for the first time. They showed tremendous courage when squeezing through some very narrow caves in the dark and were delighted with the underground world they were able to explore once they journeyed through the long dark tunnels. I popped into our Year 9 Design Tech class where our students were working hard to create desktop organisers, which were very creative in design and beautifully constructed.

Lastly, on last Wednesday our Middle School leaders put a lot of time and effort into creating an exciting Amazing Race, which involved a series of clues that each House had to solve in order to win the competition and to find out more about their school campus in the process. All had a lot of fun and each House worked really well together to solve each clue.

What a wonderful adventure we have all had together over this term and semester as we have journeyed along together learning, laughing, striving and challenging each other to be the very best version of ourselves that we can. Our Year 8 pastoral program has currently been learning all about a Growth mindset and it is a lesson that we can all learn. The power of yet. You may not be able to do it, yet. By adding the yet, we make all things possible. Wishing all families a safe and restful time together over the holidays.



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