Girls’ Middle School News

A Snapshot of Year 7-9

Have you ever wondered what your daughter has been doing at school today? Well, I thought I would provide you with a little snapshot to give you an easy dinner table conversation starter. Our Year 7’s have working on their persuasive writing skills in English, whilst becoming proficient in developing a programming language in ICT and studying classification in Science. Our Year 8’s have been perfecting the art of making a delicious Swiss roll in Baking by Design, experimenting with electricity in Science, achieving a bronze star in PE whilst refining their conflict resolution skills in Health. Our Year 9 girls have been out on the oval testing the speed of sound, turning a humble chair into a work of art in Year 8/9 Sculpture elective, exploring the world of fair trade agreements in Geography and learning how to problem solve in Maths just to name a few.

Annual Cathedral service

It was fantastic to see so many students and families at our Annual Cathedral Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, a wonderful community event. I was delighted to see and hear several of our Middle School girls contributing in our Intermediate choir where the vibrant rendition of ‘Joyful Joyful’ by Beethoven truly lifted our spirits throughout the cathedral. As part of the service, we took up an offering for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre. If you wanted to know any more about this worthwhile charity, please click here. We then heard a sermon from the Right Reverend Lindsay Urwin who spoke very clearly to our young people about considering who they were modelling themselves on and making good choices in this area. The conclusion of the service included the annual prayer of thanksgiving for our school. I have included a copy of this at the base of this article for anyone who missed the service.

Tintern Careers Program

Last Thursday we welcomed back members of our alumni community to speak to students (and parents/guardians) in Years 9 -12 about their careers and studies at the ‘Careers Night – Find Your Future Self’. This invaluable experience is now an annual event and provides an excellent opportunity for our young women to talk directly to alumni about their careers and be inspired about their future career opportunities. A reminder to all parents of current 9 students that the work experience planning documents and information PowerPoint are all on the Year 9 portal page. There is also a Tintern Careers website where you can find any upcoming careers related events. Click here to visit the site.

Year 7 – 11 Annual Arts show (until May 29)

You are all warmly invited to come to the Visual Art/Café space before May 29 to see our annual Years 7 – 11 Art Show. I have shared a few images to give you a sneak-peak of some of the highly creative and talented pieces on display. The students are very proud of their work and it is certainly a wonderful display.

Annual Friends of Music Jazz Night

Last Saturday we had our annual Friends of Music Jazz night, which was again a roaring success. The CM Wood Centre was packed with our school community all decked out in their gold themed Jazz attire. Together we enjoyed the talented performances from right across the school and of course an opportunity to dance! It was wonderful to see so many students dancing alongside their parents who displayed impressive dance skills of their own. In particular, it was great to see some of our younger musicians having the opportunity to perform to such a large and encouraging crowd. It is hard to describe such a magical evening so I will leave you with the words of the great Ella Fitzgerald “Forgive me if I don’t have the words. Maybe I can sing it and you’ll understand.” 

Have a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you all at one of our upcoming events.



Litany For The Past, Present And Future Journey At Tintern

Gracious God

We come before you today knowing that you will hear our prayers.

We thank you Lord for this abundant earth you have created.

May we seek ways to uphold the beauty of this Earth,

and take seriously the stewardship we have been entrusted with.

God of Creation

May we honour you with our lives

We pray for places in our world where there is war,

natural disaster and oppression.

We ask for opportunities to act for unity,

for peace and justice among all nations.

God of all people

May we honour you with our lives

We thank you Lord for this country that we live in, Australia.

Providing us with freedom, opportunity and peace.

May we appreciate the blessings that surround us.

God of freedom

May we honour you with our lives

We thank you for each day that provides opportunities for us to

learn and grow together.

We ask that you to empower us with your love and wisdom.

God of Growth

May we honour you with our lives

We thank you for providing us with the opportunity to attend

Tintern Grammar where we are encouraged to embody the

compass values.

May we people of good character, caring for each other and the

world around us.

God of Compassion

May we honour you with our lives

We give thanks for all staff and teachers.

We give thanks for learning and the continual pursuit of wisdom.

God of all Wisdom

May we honour you with our lives

We thank you for our network of family and friends who provide us

with support, love and care.

May we care for one another and reach out to those in need.

God of Strength

May we honour you with our lives

Loving God, we give thanks that you are the Good Shepherd.




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