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Welcome back to Term 2! We have begun the term with an exciting House Athletics Carnival on the first day back. The students were rugged up in their best winter House colours as the day began with an icy 5°C. The day rapidly warmed up as did the level of competition across a wide range of athletic activities from discus to high jump to the ever-exciting relay races. Congratulations to our Year Level Champions: Year 7 – Ella Thompson, Year 8 – Maddy Block and Year 9 – Harriet Rasmussen.

I was running the House novelty events where the students participated in some very amusing games such as a waiter’s race where a few of our Year 9 students discovered they had hidden talents in balancing glasses on a tray whilst running! They also worked together well as a team during the inaugural tug-of-war challenge. Our Year 7 and 8 students took a trip down memory lane as they competed in relays using giant bouncing hoppers and then a rubber chicken race. During the more serious events, I was impressed to see a great sense of comradery as the Houses cheered each competitor on, resulting in a great atmosphere and opportunity for students to compete to a high standard for their House. A wonderful day with Somner/Stewart taking first place in a very close finish.

In the final weeks of last term, we had Year 7 camp at Merricks. This camp involved a wide range of activities such as horse riding along St Andrews beach, stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling around Rye pier, mountain bike riding, climbing a giant tree and of course the exiting hike and camp out! The students really embraced each opportunity to try new activities, build their skills and face some fears! The weather was testing at times with torrential rain coming in sideways on day one, but the kids saw this as adding to the excitement and were determined to have a great time whatever the weather. Our Year 11 Outdoor Ed leaders were a wonderful asset to the camp as they worked alongside their group encouraging and assisting the students to get the most out of our experiences. Some students were lucky enough to see seahorses at Rye pier, which is a very unusual sight. Friendships were created and cemented across the camp as the girls worked together and drew closer as a year level.

In reflecting on the end of Term 1, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding quality of our fantastic Musical Production “South Pacific.” After so many months of practice, hard work and commitment from all cast and support crew, the result was simply fabulous. I was so delighted to see so many Middle School students participating and delivering stellar performances both on stage, in the music pit and backstage crew. Well done to all involved!

*** EVENT UPDATE *** Unfortunately due to low numbers we have decided to cancel the Bush Dance this Friday 4 May. But we are pleased to share that The Blackberry Jam Bush Band will visit the Junior Schools during term 2 to run a fun activity with the students. Parents will be welcome to join us for this occasion. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.




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