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Year 8 Camp – A Great Success!

Our Year 8 students have returned from their camp buzzing with excitement from all the different activities that they were able to try. It was a wonderful opportunity for many of them to step right out of their comfort zone in facing some pretty daunting high ropes activities such as a dual flying fox, power pole challenge and a free-fall slide. Another highlight was sleeping out on the very top of Mount Buffalo around the stunning Lake Catani.

International Women’s Day

Last week we celebrated International Women’s Day across the school. Students in both Middle Schools were encouraged to wear ribbons in the traditional colours of green, white and violet, which symbolised “Give Women the Vote”. This year’s theme was #Push for Progress, and the students were encouraged to make a pledge with regard to one particular area they were going to focus on improving. Those who signed a pledge were then encouraged to wear a badge made by our Senior School leaders to show their commitment to their pledge.


During our Middle School assembly, our leaders led the girls in focusing not only on some of the challenges facing women in Australia but also on the Gender inequity across the globe. Here are examples of some of the pledges the students were encouraged to sign.          

Year 9 Camp #1 Done and Dusted!

The Year 9 bushwalks down at Wilson’s Prom were a great time together as we journeyed around through some of the most spectacular beaches in Victoria. The girls showed great resilience and encouragement to each other when the treks got challenging and greatly enjoyed the rewards of completing much more than they had thought they could do at the start of the trek. I was delighted to hear conversations from our students about how nice it was to be away from technology, breath in some fresh air and to get a chance to talk properly with each other as we settled around the Trangia circle each evening.

Year 7 Camp

Our Year 7 girls are focussing on preparing for camp during their pastoral time. They have planned menus for the campout and received instructions on how to cook on a Trangia for the very first time. They have learnt how to waterproof their hiking packs (just in case) and are getting very excited about the change to go horse riding along Gunnamatta beach and swim with the beautiful fish around Rye Pier.

Year 9 Careers Session

This week, our Year 9 students participated in a career session using a program called “Career Voyager”. This program used different methods to try to establish some job suggestions for each student. The students were then able to investigate the pros and cons for each job and look more broadly at similar jobs. They were also given resume writing skills and encouraged to consider what the employment possibilities may be in the future. This clip ‘Did you Know 2017’ was also used as a stimulus for discussion around this topic.

South Pacific Production

The final countdown has started for our South Pacific Production! The Performing Arts area is a frantic hive of activity with final touches to the sets and costumes. Our musicians are doing the final tweaks to their performances and our cast are making sure they don’t miss a line. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing end result of all their hard work and wish them every success in the coming week. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, you can do so here.




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