Girls Middle School News

This week has been an exciting one in the Girls Middle School as students work towards their final assessments for the year. Our Year 9s have successfully undertaken their first set of examinations and have begun to look towards Year 10 as they have taken part in transition classes for 2016, meeting their teachers and classmates and preparing for the courses they will study next year.

Year7 Orientation Year 7Orientation Year 7 Orientation

We welcomed Year 7 (2016) to secondary school at their final Orientation Day on Wednesday 18 November which was followed by a Parent Information Evening. It was a fantastic day and students were very excited to find out their Form groups and Form teachers for 2016. The girls participated enthusiastically in activities that helped to familiarise them with the secondary school environment while learning more about the opportunities and offerings available to them next year. We look forward to the girls joining us in Term 1 next year!

Our Year 9 girls visited CERES last week to build on their understanding of Fair Trade and Organic Farming, while Year 9 Outdoor Education and Music Technology students both attended excursions.

On Sunday I attend the Munch with the Musos event which was a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together and listen to some pieces that featured students from across the Junior, Middle and senior Schools.

You can read about some additional performances by our students in the 8/9 Music Technology Elective and Concert Band who have had a very busy week!

On Wednesday we enjoyed the spectacular Year 8 Performing Arts Night with the dramatic theme of “Move on Up, Get on Down”. Students performed some entertaining pieces; particularly the Poi which was developed after their World Music Workshop on Polynesia.

Next week our Year 9s will be heading away on Summer Expeditions to various locations around Victoria and Tasmania as they take part in their final Year 9 Camp.

A reminder that from 2-4 December our Year 7 and 8 students will be taking part in a new initiative for 2016 – the eYp or ‘End of Year Program’. Throughout the three days girls will be working in House groups on a comprehensive and engaging project. The project topics are still ‘top secret’ but there’s going to be plenty of opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in creativity, teamwork and collaboration as well as test their thinking skills.

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