Girls’ Middle School News

What a wonderful start to the year we have had. The Girls’ Middle School has returned with energy, and excitement about the coming year. Our new Year 7 students have fitted in seamlessly to our school bringing new talents, interests and enthusiasm.  They have enjoyed meeting their teachers, finding their new classrooms, and tackling new subjects. They have quickly learnt how to navigate their timetables, and manage tricky combination locks. I have heard a lot of laughter and conversation flooding through the corridors indicating a high level of interaction and engagement. Several of our new Year 7s have found our library, music department spaces and the farm as excellent ways to spend their lunchtimes.  They were invited to join different co-curricular activities such as our orchestras and choir groups, as well as the Young Farmers and our swim team. If you would like any further information about these co-curricular activities, there are more details available on the myTintern portal.

Our Year 8 and 9s have been enjoying exploring their new social spaces and decorating their new form rooms. As the academic program has rolled out, they are enjoying participating in their chosen electives and building their teams for the coming EISM Interschool Sports matches. We have had several new students join us this year and I was very proud of the welcoming manner shown by our current girls.

During our assemblies last week, we focussed on our responsibilities to care for others and to strive to do our best in all situations. We have also discussed ways that can show respect to each other both within our school community and in our online community.

Our Middle School Captain, Holly Whitfield, and Vice-Captain, Laura Mitcham hosted their very first assembly, along with the Middle School Leaders Halle Hupfeld, Sayani Kaluarachchi and Alannah Lawson where they presented an inspiring message about the importance of respect.

On Friday, we had our annual Foundation Assembly where we celebrated 141 years of Tintern and heard inspiring tales from several of our Avenue of Excellence Alumni.

Our theme in the Girls’ Middle School this year embraces the concept of bravery rather than perfection. Throughout our pastoral programs, our students are encouraged to push through their fears or insecurities about who they are and what they are able to do. We aim to empower our young women to maintain an attitude of positivity and resilience when things become challenging.  To be willing to experience failure in order to persevere and succeed.  We want our young women to be ready to explore our world with excitement and open minds.

The Middle School Information Evening is on tonight, Tuesday 6 February at 7.30pm in the CM Wood Centre and it would be fantastic to see you there. It will be a great opportunity to share information about the upcoming year and for staff to meet the parents of the girls they will be working so closely with this year. If you are unable to attend, the information presented will be available through the Year Level pages on the myTintern Portal.



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