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As we near the end of the academic year there is no slowing down for our Middle School girls. Over the past two weeks students have thoroughly enjoyed their involvement in the Battle of the Bands, Year 7 Science excursion to Healesville, Year 8 Medieval Day, Munch with the Musos, Year 8 Performing Arts Night and the Year 9 City Investigation Task… just to name a few!

At this time of the year it is time for students to reflect on the year, their progress in their subjects and growth as individuals. Year 9s have already begun looking forward to Senior College through their Year 10 academic and social transition over the past two weeks. This program has been a terrific opportunity for students to begin working with their peers and teaching staff and I am looking forward to students maintaining their positive approach to Year 10 next year.

This week our Year 7 and 8 students will be undertaking the eYp (End of Year Program) which will see them tackle challenges and complete investigations as a part of their House groups. It is a great opportunity for Year 7s to begin working collaboratively with their peers and older students, whilst for Year 8s there is a great opportunity to demonstrate leadership and mentoring of the younger members of their House.

Year 9s have headed off their final Camp for the year and will be paddling in rafts down the Mitta Mitta River, sea kayaking on the Gippsland Lakes and climbing the wonderful and picturesque sea cliffs at Tasmania’s Freycinet National Park.

On Tuesday 12 December we will be holding our final Middle Schools Assembly for the year at 10:30am in CM Wood. Parents are most welcome to attend this assembly which will celebrate the completion of the 2017 school year and acknowledge our Year 9 students.



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