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What a fabulous two weeks we have experienced in the Girls’ Middle School! Our Year 7s have celebrated ‘100 Days of Year 7’ and have well and truly established themselves in the secondary school. It is fantastic to see their growing confidence and engagement in all aspects of school life. On Friday 4 August we had our Annual Music Concert. This was an energetic and impressive night featuring many of our students performing in various ensembles. The Les Miserable finale was truly moving and I look forward to the next performance of this as our massed singing item at Celebration Evening in Term 4.

In our Middle School Assembly last week, we enjoyed performances from Lili Holiday-Ryder on clarinet and an impressive robotics demonstration from Christabelle Sriritana (Year 8). Our Middle School Leaders Ashleigh, Audrey and Alice spoke about the importance of being your own person and taking on new experiences that challenge and inspire you. They reminded us that “It can be really difficult to be your own person and walk your own walk, but it can be easier when you surround yourself with people who value you for who you are and appreciate your unique opinions and style.” On Friday 25 August we look forward to our inaugural ‘Big Day In’ which I hope will leave the girls feeling inspired.

This week our Year 9s are away on their Winter Camp, the second of three camps they will participate in this year. We wish them well as they ride, paddle and ski their way through this adventurous, challenging and sure to be a memorable week.



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