Girls Middle School News

As we reach the half way mark of Term 4 there’s still plenty of action to come in the Girls Middle School. On Wednesday 18 November we will welcome our 2016 Year 7 students to Tintern at their final Orientation Day. It is a very exciting time for families as the girls prepare themselves for Year 7 and throughout the day the girls will get to meet their Form group and Form Teacher for 2016 as well as take part in transition and House activities. 

Our Year 7 Geography students have this week gone on an excursion to Blackburn Lake and had a wonderful time. 

Our Year 9s are busily preparing for examinations and beyond that can look forward to Year 10 transition and Summer Expeditions.

From 2-4 December our Year 7 and 8 students will be taking part in a new initiative for 2016 – the eYp or ‘End of Year Program’. Throughout the three days girls will be working in House groups on a comprehensive and engaging project. The project topics are still ‘top secret’ but there’s going to be plenty of opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in creativity, teamwork and collaboration as well as test their thinking skills. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

ICAS English Results

Many of our Middle School girls received Distinction and High Distinction results in the ICAS competition. Please click here for the results.




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