Girls’ Middle School News

One of the great joys as a member of our community is seeing students positively involve themselves in performances, events and various opportunities presented. This past fortnight has provided many such opportunities as students have taken on the da Vinci Decathlon, rehearsal for Year 8 Performing Arts Night, Year 7 Cheersports and Year 9 House Dancing. Our Year 9 Outdoor Education students travelled to Lake Eildon for a 3 day canoe journey and our wonderful musicians, their families and friends enjoyed the Annual Friends of Music Jazz Night. All secondary students enjoyed the House Music competition on Thursday 18 May. It was a very colourful and lively event which demonstrated a real sense of House spirit and commitment from all students who participated, either as singers or musicians. It was great to see what students can achieve collectively when they work together! Congratulations to Butterss/Cross who won overall!

This time of the year is often a busy one for students as they balance their co-curricular and community commitments alongside assessments and academic challenges. Juggling school and home expectations at a time of rapid change and development can be a challenging one. Pastoral Mentors are actively working with your daughters to develop and flex strategies to assist with organisation and time management, but it is also important to give students opportunities to reflect, recharge and de-stress. Maggie Dent has explored some of the challenges faced by teens and some strategies for supporting our girls at this time. You might also find it interesting reading




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