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As we near the halfway mark of the term it’s a great opportunity to look back at the many and varied events that have taken place so far. Last week we did just that during our Combined Middle School Assembly. Our Middle School Assemblies are an opportunity for students to come together as a community, celebrate their successes and achievements and promote upcoming events. They are a wonderful opportunity for students to gain confidence in public speaking, as well as performance. It was terrific to hear from our Concert Band which consists of many Middle School students. During our assembly we congratulated the Term 1 recipients of ‘Factis non Verbis’ Awards. These awards recognise students who actively act out our School motto through their positive service to the school community. Congratulations to the following recipients:

Abby Chirnside (8C)

Zoë Classon (9A)

Olivia Dowling (7A)

Emma du Blêt (7A)

Elise Dunkley (7A)

Jessica Fisher (8B)

Catherine Gray (8C)

Georgia Hargreaves (9A)

Jessica Hobson (8B)

Emma Jones (8B)

Clarisse Liew (9B)

Aleisha Paul (7B)

Margaret Pywell (9B)

Lydia Tan (8A)

Hannah Taylor (9A)

Holly Whitfield (8A)


It was fantastic to see so many students and families at our Annual Cathedral Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, a wonderful community event. We have hosted a United Nations Forum, had students compete at the EISM Athletics Championships, as well as a great Twilight Concert.

This week is certainly one to look forward to as we showcase student talent at the Small Ensembles Concert on Wednesday and our House Music Performance on Thursday at 11.40am-12.55pm. We welcome back Alumni on Thursday 18 May to speak to students (and parents/guardians) in Year 9-12 about their careers and studies at the ‘Careers Night – Find your Future Self.’

Careers Night App – available to download: The Tintern Grammar Careers Night App was developed using HelloCrowd, a free mobile event platform. Using your smartphone or tablet device download the app via this link:

13 Reasons Why

I’m sure many parents are aware of the significant interest over recent weeks in the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’. The show has not only been a topic of discussion amongst young people but has also had significant media coverage due to concerns from Mental Health Organisations and spokespeople for the wellbeing of adolescents. With a MA15+ rating, the series is aimed at teenagers and depicts a young woman who dies by suicide. Mental health experts have expressed significant concerns about the graphic nature and content of the series, its glorification of suicide and failure to promote positive, proactive and effective help-seeking behaviours. Headspace, a well-known mental health organisation has issued a warning about the show I strongly encourage you to have conversations about the show with your daughters. Even if your daughter has not seen the program, it is likely that she has read or heard others talk about it. Mental Health First Aid Australia (MHFA) also suggests that “…it’s important for the adults around them to be ready to talk to them about the content, and about what they should do if they or one of their friends needs help”. Conversations such as these can be hard to navigate and the MHFA website provides a list of discussion points about the program as well as advice regarding how to broach the topic of suicide

If your daughter is in need of support regarding the content of the show or any other issue, she can call, contact or visit:



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