Girls’ Middle School News

One of the highlights of the school year for Year 7 students and their pastoral teachers is the camp to Merricks. As the girls come to the end of their first term in secondary school, it is great to have five days away to further develop friendships and get to know students in their year level. I am happily writing to you from camp where, only two days in, we are having a great time! I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to see students interact so positively with each other and with their teachers. Their willingness to try new experiences and ‘give everything a go’ as they stretch themselves, both physically and mentally, is impressive! The weather is living up to the cliché typical Melbourne weather, as we’ve had brilliant sunshine one minute and thunder with wind and rain the next, but that hasn’t held the girls back as they undertake snorkelling, horse riding, stand up paddle boarding, bike riding, archery and the campout. In the outdoors, whether on camp or playing in a sports team, students approach challenges so positively. It is equally important that this translates to the classroom and learning environment. It is important for our students to understand that we learn equally from our successes and our mistakes. With mistakes, we teach them to go back and try again, to consider the process and have another go; with success we look at what aided the result and how we can apply that learning to other parts of our life. 

As Term 1 comes to an end we have celebrated together many successes, most recently was the fantastic Musical Production ‘Hairspray’. Those of us lucky enough to see the production were impressed by the many talents on show throughout the performance. After months and months of practice, hard work, commitment and dedication put in by students and staff, their efforts were rewarded with brilliant performances from our actors, singers, dancers, musicians, stage and backstage crew.

In Term 2 there are many opportunities for girls to further ‘stretch’ themselves and take part in a number of House events. Year 7 girls will begin learning their routine for House Cheersports, the House Cross Country promises to be a colourful event and we have been busy rehearsing for the House Music competition, involving all Year 7 to 12 students, which will be performed in May. These activities provide girls with the opportunity to further demonstrate team spirit, co-operation, a sense of pride and commitment. Additionally, students get the opportunity to work with other students from different sections of the school. Some students are more experienced in these areas than others but all students have the ability to contribute. House events are a collective effort and success comes about when all students ‘do their best’ and support each other to achieve a common goal. I’m certainly looking forward to watching students as they work together under the leadership of their House Captains.



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