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It has been an exceptionally busy term to date for our Middle School girls who have certainly made the most of all of the wonderful opportunities on offer at Tintern! This past week has involved lots of colour and entertainment as we have been privileged to watch students perform in the Preliminary Concerto Concert and Speech and Drama Performance. The high level of dedication, commitment, discipline and passion that goes into these performances is most impressive. On Friday of last week we held our first ever colour run!!!! The energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment of students (as well as staff and parents) was high and it was a fantastic community event, helping our World Challenge students to raise over $2500 towards their community project to take place on their trip to India later this year.

Girls taking part in The Knitting Project are working tirelessly on their blankets (knitting project) and with the Annual Music Concert, House Cheersport, House Dancing and Year 8 Performing Arts Night coming up there is plenty of energy going in to making the final touches on these events. I look forward to seeing families at the Music Concert on Thursday 9 June, House competition on Tuesday 14 June and the Performing Arts Night on Wednesday 18 June. These events promise to be a wonderful way to finish off a fantastic semester of schooling.




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