Girls’ Middle School news

As we pass the halfway mark of the term it’s a great opportunity to look back at the many and varied events that have taken place so far. This week we did just that during our Combined Middle School Assembly. Please see the videos below from our Assembly:

The theme of the assembly was ‘persistence’ and our Middle School Leaders spoke with the boys and girls about the importance of persevering and how they can go about reaching their goals. Student leaders reported on the recent House and sporting events and we also heard from students who recently attended the Outdoor Education Elective Canoe Camps at Lake Eildon. Our Middle School Assemblies are an opportunity for students to come together as a community, celebrate their successes and achievements and promote upcoming events. They are a wonderful opportunity for students to gain confidence in public speaking as well as performance. It was terrific to hear from our Concert Band which consists of many Middle School students. During our assembly we congratulated the Term 1 recipients of ‘Factis non Verbis’ Awards. These awards recognise students who actively act out our School motto through their positive service to the school community. Congratulations to the following recipients – please click here to view our Factis awards winners.

Over this past week we have enjoyed great energy through participation in the House Music competition. It was a very colourful and lively event which demonstrated a real sense of House spirit and commitment from all students who participated, either as singers or musicians. It was great to see what students can achieve collectively when they work together! Congratulations to Butterss/Cross who won overall.





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