Girls’ Middle School debating

This is the first year we have been able to do debating and it has been a great experience so far. My team, Tintern 5 D grade won our first debating competition with Ashleigh Dowling being the best speaker. It was all quite nerve-wrecking but was also really exciting and fun. The best part about debating is that once you were up there speaking you knew it was up to you to do your part and show the judicator what you can do and how well you can persuade. I would recommend everyone to do it because you will have a lot of fun and at the same it will improve your public speaking skills and foster your confidence. It is also a great opportunity to introduce yourself to other people. Not only does it help you with those skills it also improves you to persuade better in your writing. Furthermore, it was a really close call with the affirmative team and since it was so close we were able to harness all our skills and put in the best effort that we could, which I think is helpful for our every day lives.

by Camila Franco, Year 8



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