Girls’ Middle School “Big Day In”

On Friday 25 August we held our Girls’ Middle School ‘Big Day In’ which saw Year 7-9 girls working alongside their Pastoral staff and leaders from Years 10-12 as they took part in a variety of activities.

Our day started with a high-energy ‘rubber glove clapping activity’ (hard to visualise I know, but very colourful and funny to experience!) Each year level took part in different activities aimed at developing the girls in areas of community, creativity, mindfulness and action under the theme of ‘Aspire and Inspire’. The mentoring between students was a real highlight of the day as they discussed issues, were inspired by speakers and got creative making wool pets, mandala stones and mosaic pots.

Our guest speakers and presenters included Lucy Thomas (Project RockIt Co-founder), Kerryn Harvey (Amputee Athlete), Suzanne Edwards (Mornington Meditation), Debra Sutton (Pilates) and Zetta Kanta (wool felting), who all offered inspiration through their passion and interest in their chosen fields. It was a very busy day as students moved between workshops and also enjoyed a pizza lunch and visit from the very popular ‘Mr Whippy’.

The energy, enthusiasm and feedback was so positive and I look forward to sharing with you articles from our Middle School students in the next Aspectus!



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