Girls’ Junior School – Year 6 2019

I am writing to you to ensure that current and future families are aware of the impacts of the significant enrolment growth being experienced at Tintern Grammar for 2019. For some time now, our Girls’ and Boys’ Year 7 classes for next year have been essentially full and our Girls’ Year 6 class for next year is also full. We are already aware that we have some enquiring external families for Girls’ Year 6 in 2019, and at this point, we are concerned we may not be able to accommodate them at Tintern next year through lack of available places.

As current, past or future members of the Tintern community, there may also be further enquiry interest amongst you for Girls’ Year 6 next year or Girls’ Year 7 in 2020, and we would certainly want to be able to welcome siblings or children of alumni if you are contemplating entry in this group. If there is sufficient interest in Girls’ Year 6 in 2019, we would consider creating another class and would be very keen to hear from any families who are considering this. There is also the possibility that you may have friends or family who are contemplating entry for a girl in this year group, and given the pressure we are experiencing at Year 7, encouraging them to contact the School ( may help us to avoid disappointment for them.

I offer my thanks for all the support you provide to our School in a myriad of ways, but with this in mind, the very positive and grateful word of mouth that has originated from our current or past families is what gets back to me most often. I am grateful to so many of you for this affirmation that encourages other families to come and watch their child grow through their Tintern Grammar education.

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