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The Joyful Noises in the Junior School

Last term saw some wonderful music-making take place in our Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Schools.

Ranging from the Junior School Piano Concert, through to assembly performances, Friday morning ensemble rehearsals, Year 5 band tutorials, Choir rehearsals, the Year 3 String program, the Year 2 Recorder program, rehearsals and recording of the Lion King, choir performances at the Mothers’ Day breakfast,  extra-curricular ensemble rehearsals, and of course the regular music-making of students in their Music classes, it has been a very musical term!!

Whilst we couldn’t conclude the term with the Cabaret night and the Lion King performance as hoped, the benefit of these music programs for each and every student involved, was not diminished.

The learning, the discipline, the appreciation, the socialisation, the team work, the critical listening, the ability to manage time, the enjoyment, the pursuit of a goal, and so much more……. These are all such an important part of what we learn through studying Music.

Whilst we are all hopeful that Term 3 will bring a return to gathering together onsite for rehearsals, performances, concerts and even just instrumental lessons, I know that as a Music team, we relish every opportunity to share Music with our students, in all its many forms.


The Junior School Piano Concert

Working together in Percussion Troupe.


Paganini Strings perform at a GJS assembly


Year 5s and 6s rehearsing together in Training Band.


Year 1 Boys listening to ‘The Carnival of the Animals’ in Music class.


Shari Bhatt

Junior School Music Co-ordinator



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