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Women’s Indoor Cricket 

On Tuesday 7 March Maddie Wright, Class of 2016 visited the Girls’ Junior School Assembly. Maddie is part of the Australian Women’s Indoor Cricket Team that won the 2022 World Cup. The girls were thrilled to hear her speak, she was a great example of courage and confidence and inspired our girls (and staff).

Developing a Growth Mindset to Maths

Often people label themselves as not being a ‘maths person’ and develop a fixed mindset towards maths. In Year 5 at Tintern Grammar we know that this is not the case!

As part of our Maths Pathway program, we have started the year off discussing what we like to hear (and not like hearing) when working in maths groups. Phrases that we agreed that we liked hearing were ‘You’re doing great!’, ‘I liked how you showed your working out’ or ‘You did really well to solve that tricky problem”. We found that phrases like these encouraged taking more academic risks and made us feel more comfortable to share our ideas and answers with our peers.

To develop a growth mindset towards mathematics. We have been discussing:

  • Everyone can learn maths – there is no such thing as a ‘maths brain’
  • ‘Mistakes are GOOD and they help me learn!’
  • The strategies and actions that we take, can help us develop and improve
  • The importance of ‘I can’t do it… yet!’

As part of our Maths program, we work on modules that cater to each student’s needs and work in small groups called ‘mini-lessons’ as well as working in groups as part of our rich learning tasks. These rich learning tasks have been a highlight for our Year 5 class, igniting curiosity through hands-on investigations where students use their skills and knowledge to problem solve. Mathematical knowledge and skills have been put to use as well as developing problem-solving and group-work skills.

Students work in groups, discuss growth mindsets to maths, how to create a positive and safe space during group work as well as working together to solve problems in our rich learning tasks.

Sandy Batty | Year 5 Teacher




The Wizard of OZ

I am absolutely delighted to announce that the Girls Junior School Production to be staged on 20th July this year is THE WIZARD OF OZ – Young Performers Edition! This junior version of the show is iconic in its origin and integrates our 2023 theme of CONFIDENCE. This classic tale is an empowering story of self-courage, confidence, fear and how each of these emotions rely on one another to achieve seemingly impossible goals; which is an incredibly important message for our students to learn about life. This production contains several major themes, self-sufficiency, the importance of life’s journey and friendship. All of the main characters, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion look to the Wizard to solve their problems. This fabulous show features all the best-loved songs from the screen classic including Over the Rainbow, If I Only Had a Brain, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead and many more. With wonderful music, the adventures of Dorothy, her faithful dog Toto, Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow, this will be a very exciting Junior School Musical Production and will involve all girls from Prep to Year 6.

In our very first assembly, on the first day, the production was revealed with a very entertaining scene put together by the staff! The girls were delighted and there was certainly much laughter and hilarity in seeing some of our fabulous staff dressed as characters from the show!




Isabelle Hams – Playing Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Over the past week, we have auditioned many girls in Years 5 and 6 for our Production.  The auditions were fabulous, with many girls revealing some hidden talents! I was so proud of the girls for stepping forward, being courageous and resilient in the audition process. If you have seen stage shows or read scripts, most shows have main roles – in fact every production I have ever seen or directed have some characters who have more lines than others. The process we use at Tintern considers the ongoing development of our girls and is inclusive, ensuring that each girl has a role to play in the performance. Auditioning is a skill, and actors get better at it each time they do it! Some girls were given many lines to learn, and others just a few. However, all girls will have plenty to do and will hopefully have great time during the process. Our girls cannot possibly know based on casting what the process is going to be like – they have to experience it to know what it will actually be like! The amount of fun an actress has in a show rarely has anything to do with the size of her part. Dedication to the production and process is what ensures quality and fantastic outcomes that all students are proud of. As we now move forward with rehearsals we look forward to singing and dancing along the yellow brick road to reach the famous Wizard of Oz!

Jacquie Casey | Junior School Choral and Performing Arts Coordinator



Year 2A

What a wonderful start to the year we have had in Year 2. The girls have settled well and have taken beautifully to their responsibilities as the leaders of our Prep to Year 2 area. What wonderful role models they are becoming.

As a class we have delved into our learning, and while studying the topic ‘My Place in Space’, have discovered much about our immediate families, the areas in which we live, and our school community. The girls demonstrated a great depth of interest as we explored and compared the Indigenous land map of Australia, and our traditional map including the states and territories. We have enjoyed perusing the areas we live in and noticing the contrast between the two maps.

As a class we have spent much time ‘unpacking’ the girls’ suitcases of skills and learning; the information gathered in Prep and Year 1. Going through the things they have studied so far and using that information as a foundation for the new learning of Year 2.

 With deep reflection and so much learning already, we are well on our way to a solid term’s development.

Michelle GluskieYear 2A Class Teacher



House Swimming

House Swimming was held on 24 February at the Tintern Grammar pool for our Junior School. The boys competed in the morning and the girls in the afternoon. All students gave 100% effort for their house and had a lot of fun too. Congratulations to winners Gordon Grant in the Girls’ Junior School and Dann Watt in the Boys’ Junior School. A great day of House Spirit! 🏊‍♀️





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