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Last term began with Bastille Day celebrations around the world on the 14th of July. In some French classes we made Bonne Fête Nationale cards/flags and in others we shared what we know about Bastille Day and the French Revolution, and we watched humorous and informative clips about these important events in French culture. A Bastille model building group challenge was planned but unfortunately this could not take place due to Covid restrictions.


What Year5/ 6 students knew about the Storming of the Bastille


Year 3 students did some iPad drawing of vocabulary for revision of colours and words for the play we are (hopefully) working towards completing this year.


In remote learning this term, Year 1-2 have focused on revision tasks, such as classroom language, numbers, colours, the alphabet and learning days of the week.

Here is a link to a fun song we have been singing to learn the alphabet sounds:


Father’s Day

All students read a French picture about dads, called “Mon Papa” (My Dad) by Anthony Brown and answered some translation questions. Students were invited to make a Father’s/Special Person’s Day card.



Year 3-6 have been learning and revising days of the week and weather expressions using a range of raps, songs, online games and activities and clips.

We have been practising this rap to assist in memorising weather expressions:

Many students have been attending online sessions and having fun learning, singing and playing games. I am very proud of the effort so many of the students have made to attend sessions and maintain their French language skills. A huge “bravo” and “bon courage”!

This term, Year 1 & 2 have continued learning alphabet sounds with an alphabet song and a ridiculously fun video to practise vowel sounds. We will be learning months of the year for the next few weeks, with the aid of some fun games, songs and the fabulous Linguascope platform. Students should know the user name and pass word- they are also on the Blog on the French portal page.

The 3-6 students have begun a “pizza face” task, where they will bake/make/draw a pizza with a funny face and learn the vocabulary for their favourite toppings. We will be referring to the old classic, “Je suis une pizza!” song (I am a pizza) to help us learn vocabulary. We will also be working on forming sentences regarding our preferences for pizza toppings, and some basic cooking phrases. See the French portal pages for more details. 

Merci, et à bientôt,

Madame Mathers


Jude Mathers

French teacher


Library in Girls Junior School

Library is a warm, comfortable and inspiring place and sanctuary in our Junior School. When students are engaged in regular Library lessons on-site they participate in hands-on learning and S.T.E.A.M focused enquiry; all through literature, non-fiction and multi-media text. Wide-ranging reading and exploration of new ideas is promoted in all opportunities. Photographs below highlight this principle:

  • making electrical circuits when reading The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle,
  • designing gold medals for Book Week 2021,
  • making board games to reflect plot developments in class text, The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy

When learning online, students had the opportunity to continue reading and sharing whole class texts and shared focus topics. Ideas were explored and discussed through selected learning activities and tools embodied through Cultures of Thinking pedagogy which has been embraced across the School. The significant focus for library lessons online, using the Cultures of Thinking principles is to build connections between own experiences and those of others, to build caring, empathic responses to others’ stories as well as, think creatively and expansively.

Emily Mars

ELC to Year 6 Library teacher



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