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Year 5 Girls

The swing back into remote learning this term has dashed some of our plans, and the Year 5 girls have shown strength of character by being creative, active and connected. Three aspects which had to happen differently were Year 5 Camp, our study of the Gold Rush and Book Week.

On the evening of 17th August, which should have been the first night of our camp, the Year 5 girls attended a special Teams call. They were encouraged to set up a virtual campsite, grab a hot chocolate and tell some fun stories. It was really pleasing to see everyone embrace this opportunity for fun and friendship.

“I set mine up under the dining room table. First I got a long blanket and draped it over the table, then I got a heap of cushions and placed them on the floor.” Grace

“I found it fun and uplifting because I got to see all my friends.” Katherine

“I camped downstairs and although it was only one night I really enjoyed being able to connect with my friends after school and really have a fun night. I’d love to do it again.” Senudhi

“It was really nice of the teachers to do this for us because we didn’t get to do camp. It was so relaxing and a fun way to stay connected with all my friends.” Ines

“Camp Night was so funny because we got to see everyone in tents and pjs, but I think the spooky stories were the best.” Riley

“I really enjoyed virtual camp though I was a still VERY sad we didn’t get to go on actual camp.” Shriya

The Year 5 girls’ study of the Victorian Gold Rush was to involve a visit to Sovereign Hill. Instead the girls have established colonies in their own imagined distant land. We call it Terra Pentorum – Latin for ‘Land of the Fives’. Imagining they are colonial governors allows them to think deeply about historical events, people and decisions. What technologies were used in the 1800s? What was life like? What happens when gold is found?

“It’s our job to create a colony and grow it to its full potential. We had to go through some bumps along the way, but we all managed to grow our colonies.” Alysha

“I’m really enjoying Terra Pentorum, because I got to learn a lot about the early 1800s and we got make our own colonies in groups of 2. I also enjoyed being creative and being able to draw a map and choose a location.” Weylen

“It was fun to design flags and read books about the gold rush and the 1800s. As part of this study we read My Place, a book about a town with points of view from different children.” Sophia C.

“I like doing Terra Pentorum because there are a variety of the things we can do like drawing up a map of your colony and writing articles like ‘The Mysterious Disappearance of Governor Gao’.” Shriya

Book Week is a celebration of reading, literature and the stories which matter to us. We participated in the Book Week fun organised by Mrs Mars and spent the week having lively conversations about story villains, books which have been turned into movies, book cover art and our favourite quotes. We even had a surprise guest author visit – my wife Amy spoke to the Years 5 and 2 girls about her writing journey during a Buddy session. Amy read a section of her book Tilda Teaches Mash-Ups and spoke about how Tilda Teaches developed from an idea to a six-book series.

The Governor’s Mansion in the colony of Berry (Jessica and Sophia G)


The colonial flag designed by Weylen and Lexin


Weylen’s map of her colony


The original allocation of land in Terra Pentorum


Amy Adeney speaks to Year 5 and Year 2


Mr Nick Adeney

Year 5 Girls’ Classroom Teacher


Challenge Time in 1A!

In between their busy online learning commitments, the Year 1 girls have been engaging in some fun and creative challenges!

After reading The Box Boy by Mal Webster, many of the girls set about designing their own inspiring creations using an assortment of boxes from home. The impressive range of ideas included dolls’ houses, a fridge, a car and even an airplane! It was quite inspiring to see how many amazing things the girls were able to create from the simplest of materials.

The following week, after reading The Paper Dolls, a delightful story by Julia Donaldson, the girls were set The Great Paper Challenge. Once again, the creative juices were flowing with an extraordinary array of ideas such as paper people circles, placemats, dragons, snowflakes, a calculator, paper butterflies, paper chains, wrist phones and watches and paper airplanes.

The third challenge provided some active fun with The Obstacle Course Challenge. The girls were challenged to create an obstacle course inside their houses or in the gardens – with Mum and Dad’s approval of course! The fabulous videos are available for viewing on the Year 1A Portal Page.

Once again, the amazing Year 1 girls have proved that during Remote Learning, THIS.GIRL.CAN!

Mary Whitcher

Year 1A Teacher


Sunshine in Your Day Art Competition 

Our Girls’ Junior School have been running an Art Competition in which the girls were asked to reflect upon the ‘sunshine in their day’. Sisters Avie (Year 6) and Eryn (Year 4) created this amazing short animation, which together they wrote, illustrated, directed and recorded the voice over. The girls were awarded a special prize for their creativity, we hope you enjoy their ‘Sunshine in my day’ video as much as we did! 



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