Girls’ Junior School

Exploration and creation in Art 

The Junior School girls always have an enjoyable time in the Art room.  The routine is very familiar to the girls, the first few weeks of Term 2 are spent on their self-portrait and then we begin the highly anticipated Mother’s Day gift. All the girls await with excitement: what their year level will be making and creating. This year the Preps continued the long-standing tradition of the Mother’s Day cushion. The girls drew their mother and using transfer crayon, heat transferred the image onto a cushion cover. The Grade 1’s created and made using clay a basket of flowers. Clay certainly was the preferred material with the Grade 4’s making and glazing a coil bowl. Grade 5’s a clay slab abstract jewelry tray and the Grade 6’s a little clay sculpture. The grade 3’s enjoying creating their own Chinese lacquer box and the Grade 2 a special paper mache bowl. The excitement throughout all year levels was quite contagious. Each girl worked very hard to make a gift for their mother to cherish. The gifts were certainly made with love.

Naomi Greco

Girls Junior School Art Teacher



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