Girls’ Junior School

Welcome to Term 2

The start of our term will be a bit different to usual, but I hope to be able to pop in and see you all during your meetings with your teachers.

This week we will still have our usual Assemblies on Wednesday for girls in Year 3-6 and Thursday for girls in P-2. You will receive an invitation to a teams meeting for this, so I do hope you join in.

You might also notice some audio files being put on my portal page. These files are going to be a story time that I will be reading to you, starting with one of my favourite books, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

It is a classic book, and even though I know many of you will have read the story, I hope that you enjoy hearing it read to you again.

Have a great first week of Term 2

Take Care



ANZAC Day Poppies 

Tintern families are encouraged to show their respect for ANZAC day by making creating their own interpretation of a Poppie, our Junior School Girls have  done a fantastic job at creating some beautiful poppies as pictured below. All photos received will be included in our 2020 online ANZAC day service.






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