Gardening in the ELC

As the ELC continues on our study about change, each class has had a different focus on plants.

The Early Learners planted lettuce, peas and cabbage into the vegetable garden. They started by digging a small hole, then they put the little seedling into the ground and pushed the soil back around it. Then it was time to water them in. All children were involved in this process.

The following day Anisha and Charlotte were excited, they raced outside to see the veggie patch.

Charlotte – “Mrs Hill they have grown”

Anisha – “They need more water”

Pre-Prep B has been planting small plants in our veggie patch. They will be watching and nurturing and noticing the changes and growth. We planted lettuces and cabbages. Next week we will plant mystery seeds and watch what grows.

Nathan “I can’t wait to eat them”

Juliette “They need water every day and we need to watch for snails”

Pre-Prep A has been given some broad bean seeds to grow. So far, the children have had a look at the seeds and tried to guess what they are and what they might become. They will be germinating seeds, planting them and watching how they grow and change. We will discuss what we need to do to help them with this process.

“Is it a nut? I think there is a plant inside it. (Packet then shown). It will change into beans. It will change easily. I need to plant it. Dig a hole and plant it. Wait, and then water and then sun and it growed and growed and growed.” – Kalan

“Is it rocks? It feels hard. It’s brown. Is it food? (Packet then shown). Is it peas? Are they seeds? We can bury it and water it and look after it and it will change into this (points to picture on the packet).” – Mackenzie



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