G.A.T.E.WAYS Team Challenge


Tintern has once again hosted a large number of regional schools to attend the G.A.T.E.WAYS Team Challenge competition.  G.A.T.E.WAYS engages presenters who are expert in a given field or fields; passionate about their field and able to convey this enthusiasm to children; excellent communicators who love children; knowledgeable about the special needs of gifted children and  how they learn; creative, flexible and skilled in terms of curriculum development and delivery. Their programs are inquiry based, with hands-on activities, problem solving and higher order thinking skills. The challenges are indeed difficult in name as well as in nature with some material which is normally for middle school age students.  Our students spent a lot of time to prepare for the challenges with a lot of work in the background to understand the material and themes being used for the challenges.  Thank you to Karen Dang and Sandi Gaskin for generously giving up so many hours to support these teams and assisting with the preparation.

Girls involved were:

Year 3 Team – Lucia Cockrell, Kaitlyn Law, Monica Shi, Emily Manton

Year 4 Team – Emily Menagh, Jessica Fettell, Katherine Howell, Melody Ch’ng

Year 5 Team – Mayunie Munasinghe, Chelsea Tonna, Ella Jones, Saskia Jackson Smith

Year 6 Team – Amber Wild, Aleisha Paul, Kelsey Paterson, Ella Callow-Sussex

A very big congratulations to our Year 3-6 teams.  The should be very proud of all they have achieved. Our Year 6 team were particularly delighted and came 2nd on the day.  They will compete in the grand final in early December. Good luck girls!




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