Furniture Trial

As teaching and learning evolves so do the requirements of the modern learning environment, and with this in mind, we are pleased to share that SebelFurniture invited Tintern Grammar to participate in an exciting classroom furniture trial.

I worked with Sebel to design a classroom with furniture that is flexible, versatile, and comfortable, and will aid in facilitating 21st century teaching and learning. The final design incorporates a mix of tables and seating with differing heights, and informal and formal furniture. This design will allow students to move about the classroom and re-arrange the furniture to suit the activity they are engaged in. There will be opportunities for all Junior School students to experience the classroom design.

The overall aim of the trial is to create a space that increases student engagement, encourages collaboration and inspires students to learn. From time to time Sebel will visit the classroom to gather feedback from students and teachers on how the furniture is working. We will also share feedback with the School community as well.

Here are the students’ thoughts…

We all observe that with the variety of furniture tending to different people’s needs gives us a lot of choice and freedom. The colourful surroundings make us even more motivated, enthusiastic and engaged in our learning. Without an actual teacher’s desk, plenty of room is freed up which makes room for moving around. It also feels a bit less claustrophobic. This furniture trial is working really effectively for us.

Chloe Chiu, Charlotte du Blêt, Melody Ch’ng and Sophia Li

The modernised, new furniture we got this week is vibrant with colours and makes us all feel even more safe and at home. When we first walked into the classroom everyone immediately gasped in awe as we saw the variety of furniture. The furniture makes our learning more flexible in so many ways and makes us feel relaxed. Without the teacher’s desk we have more space and allows her to wheel around the classroom. The writable whiteboard tables are helpful with presentations and working out problems without wasting paper.

Emma Cooke, Ainsley Light and Rose Rostron

The furniture is really comfortable and at the high tables there’s lots of leg room. We also really enjoy the variety of chairs and tables. The orange and green stools are great for people who fiddle because it allows them to concentrate more. There is more variety for students who like to change around quite often and the tables are very clean and polished, ready for students to work on. The furniture keeps us engaged and gets us even more excited and enthusiastic to go to class.

Sarah Fisher, Audrey Tandori, Ava Cantor and Elsje Van Vroonhoven

Every day we walk into the classroom, a new, modern, colourful and vibrant classroom awaits us. We feel more motivated, excited, ecstatic and engaged, ready to learn and start a new day. There’s a variety of different chairs and tables to sit and work at. The colourful green and orange themed furniture makes us feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Sarah Zhu, Jade Dyason, Enci Chen and Joanne Ye   

The little couches are really comfortable and they are not hard to move around. The high desks are very spacious and you have a lot of leg room; the seats are all very comfortable. The wobbly seats are very easy to work on for people who are a bit fidgety and the chairs on wheels are very easy to move.

Abby Dunn, Charlotte Collins, Nesreen Taher and Aileen Zhang


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