Full Steam ahead as we set SAIL

It’s certainly full steam ahead as we set SAIL towards the end of term.

In our Assembly last week, we discussed three Aspirational people, in very different in their approach.

Southwood Old Boy Scotty James wrote in his Year 6 Transition Booklet, some 10 years ago, that in 15 years’ time I will be “…snowboarding for Australia all around the world.”

Scotty’s recent World Halfpipe Championship was a testimony to his aspiration, his hard work, his passion and the support of his family. We watched an interview with Scotty where he talks about the importance of ‘having fun’ while achieving goals.

This Friday our Year 3 – 6 boys will be spending the morning on the tall ship The Enterprize, a replica of John Pascoe Fawkner’s Schooner Enterprize – the ship that sailed from Van Diemen’s Land in 1835 with the first permanent white settlers that started what has become the City of Melbourne.​ The boys will be involved in both an interactive history lesson involving discussion and learning about Melbourne’s early history, and sailing on the ship, where the students help hoist sails and steer the ship.

In Assembly, we discussed John Batman, and his aspiration to settle what became Melbourne. His efforts to reach his aspirations were somewhat questionable, with some at the time describing him as “evil and murderous” due to his treatment of the Aborigines.

We also discussed Desmond Doss, the central character in the recently released movie “Hacksaw Ridge”. Doss was a medic in WW2.  While serving with his platoon in 1944 on Guam and the Philippines, he was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for aiding wounded soldiers under fire. During the Battle of Okinawa, he saved the lives of 75 wounded infantrymen, yet, amazingly, due to his strong personal beliefs, he refused to kill an enemy soldier or carry a weapon into combat.

Our discussion centred around the importance of maintaining one’s values while aiming to reach goals and aspirations.


What a privilege it is to share in the journey of so many of our students as they move from early Primary School through to the end of Secondary School, and to see their outstanding emotional development. On Friday night I had the absolute pleasure of attending Hairspray. While every person involved, from the orchestra and the backstage crew, through to the amazing and talented cast, led to such a high energy, wonderful, professional show that belied the age and experience of the cast, it was special to see two of the main leads, Patrick Kenna and Mitchell Lacey, perform with such confidence, energy, humour, talent and humility. Patty and Mitch were part of our Prep class in 2005 and have always been such caring, responsible and involved boys. I congratulate and thank them, and all of the ‘Hairsprays’, for providing such an incredible production.  



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