From the Vice Principal – Senior College, Administration & Students

In reflecting on school activities and events that have occurred over the past few weeks, and are due to occur in the final five weeks of Term 3, I would like to focus my comments on the theme of teamwork. Two events, one from the recent past, and one from the near future, spring to mind: firstly, the Annual Music Concert with its fabulous mixture of talent and enthusiasm that was so evident in the performances of our talented Music students and their equally talented and committed Music teachers, all supported by a team of hard-working volunteers; and, secondly, another massive team effort that we are seeking community support for occurs this coming Friday night (Friday 18 August), when our Poverty Project group presents their ‘Comedy for a Cause’ night. The Poverty Project team is a devoted group consisting of 20 girls from Years 8-12 whose aim is to create awareness of poverty in various communities around the world and then to bring change to the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. Book your tickets to the Comedy for a Cause night.

The 3-way working partnership between Students, Teachers & Parents

At Tintern Grammar the most important partnership we define is a three-way team effort involving students, teachers and parents. This three-way partnership consistently enables our school to be recognised as the most successful school in the Maroondah region in terms of University placements and tertiary offers. This fine outcome is an annual occurrence and, of course, it is the culmination of: our students working consistently with the aim of each achieving to their very best; the very fine teaching of our teaching staff combined with the expert advice of our careers consultants; and, the support given to each student by their family and indeed by their friends. We all have a part to play in this partnership and our proud results reflect the thorough preparation and solid grounding in all academic areas, both in the final year of schooling and in the years prior to Year 12. Indeed, we achieve our very best as a school and a vibrant community when we are all committed to this partnership as well as to three of the most basic ingredients for working in a partnership: Respect, Courtesy and Co-operation.

Interim Reports & Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (Interviews)

The partnership between students, teachers and parents will also be clearly evident in our upcoming Term 3 Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (Interviews) which are scheduled for Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23 and then Wednesday 30 August between 4 – 8pm in the CM Wood Centre. These conferences (interviews) are commonly initiated by teaching staff and their focus is specifically on students about whom subject teachers have concerns relating to effort, attitude and/or performance. Parents/guardians will be able to identify where an interview is requested by accessing their daughter’s/son’s Interim Reports – these are available from 3pm onwards on Wednesday 16 August through the parent link into the Portal. Please be aware that many students will have no teacher requested interviews, but parents/guardians may still initiate an interview via the parent Portal until 10am on the day of each respective conference. If you are having difficulty in selecting an interview please contact Ms Annie Fairweather at the Senior College Reception on 9845 7830 for assistance.

School Uniform Reminders

Unfortunately, again I have the need to remind some Senior College students and their families that during the winter months it is a requirement to wear full Winter School Uniform. I know most of our students proudly wear the correct school uniform all the time, being true ambassadors for all of us in displaying what I see as a team approach and reminding everyone they meet of the wonderful school they attend. This is a truly corporate action – all of our students benefit by maintaining the positive feelings employers and the general public have for Tintern Grammar. However, every so often I become aware that members of our school community observe some Senior College students not wearing their uniforms correctly outside the school.

Again, I would like to remind students and families of the need for all students to wear: blazers as the outer garment on the way to and from school; ties correctly done up to cover the top button of shirts; shirts that are tucked in; boys to wear correctly coloured socks with no logos; shoes that are done up; girls to wear tights of the correct colour and texture and NOT to be worn with socks; and, scarves of approved school colours. I especially request that Senior College parents write a letter directly and personally to me verifying any occasion when their daughter’s/son’s blazer legitimately requires dry-cleaning during term time.

The only variation to the above expectations being on designated EISM (or House) Sports days when the particular year levels are permitted to wear the correct PE (or House) Sports gear to and from school. Please note: as has been reported many times before, it is not appropriate to be wearing leggings to and from school on these or any other days.

With kind regards to all,



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