From the Vice Principal – Senior College, Administration & Students

We have now very much entered examination mode at the Senior College with our Year 12 students having commenced their final examinations last week – Monday 30 November for our IB students and VCE on Wednesday 1 November. Dependent on their individual subjects studied, some of our VCE Year 12 students will have completed their final examinations as early as today.

Next week our Year 10 and 11 students undertake their end of year examinations before commencing a week of Transition classes from Monday 20 – Friday 24 November.

I would like to commend this year’s Year 10 and 11 students for their assistance in keeping the Anderson Centre (Senior College building) as quiet as possible while the Year 12 students are doing their examinations.

Belatedly, I would like to advise the Community of the ‘Special Awards’ that were awarded at our Celebration Evening on Wednesday 18 October; these awards are not listed in the program as they are announced on the night. Our congratulations go to the following students; awardees are from Year 12 unless otherwise indicated.

  • The June Ward Trophy for Commitment to Girls Sport – a dual award this year, Kirsty Clark & Lorna Clark
  • The Pinnacle Trophy for Commitment to Boys Sport – Mackenzie Smead
  • The Sylvia Walton Trophy for Excellence in Sport – Adam Blazevic
  • The Mei Lyn Wong Award for the Dux of the School, 2016 – Madison Button
  • The Marisa Sibson Award – Sara Arif (Year 11)
  • The Elizabeth Ann Walker Art Encouragement Award – Georgina James (Year 11)
  • The International Student Award – Ada Chen
  • The Young Farmers’ Award – Paige Marshall
  • The Tintern Grammar Parents’ Group Awards – Erin Hynson & Hunter O’Shaughnessy
  • Friends of Young Farmers’ Award – The David Wilkinson Award – Maya Watt
  • The Lyn Bartold Performing Arts Awards – Sienna Gerin
  • The Friends of Music Award – Eliza Mignot
  • The Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Awards – Louise Smith and Molly Fleming (Year 10)
  • School Awards – Madison Jones, Patrick Kenna, Emily McLean, Daisy McMillan, Jayan Pillay, Shobana Satkunarajah, Mackenzie Smead, Meg Swain, Vicky Wang & Maya Watt
  • The Caltex Best All-Rounder Awards – Sophie Paul & Edward Wang
  • The Wendy McComas Awards – Emily Cowin, Eliza Mignot & Lucy Wheeler
  • The Chairman’s Awards – Adele Bicknell, Mitchell Lacey & Grace Power
  • The Sylvia Walton Award – Angus Maynard
  • The Emma B Cook Award – jointly to Sienna Gerin & Louise Smith.

With kind regards to all members of the Tintern Grammar Community,




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