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Subject Selections for 2018

Year 10 and Year 11 students are currently making decision s about what subjects they will be studying next year. All students have received training and advice on making their online selections and daily reminders have been given that the process closes on Sunday 6 August at 6pm so that our school timetabler can commence the intricate process of developing the 2018 secondary timetable. A reminder is given that, in addition to the online subject selections, all students need to submit a printout of their 2018 subject selections signed by a parent or guardian by Monday 7 August to Senior College Reception or to their Pastoral Mentor.

Celebration Evening 2017

It is timely to remind all families that our 2017 Celebration Evening is scheduled for Wednesday 18 October in The Robert Blackwood Hall, at Monash University – with a 7.30pm start. Please note Celebration Evening is scheduled for a Wednesday this year; we have been trying for several years to move the evening away from a Monday due to the number of Mondays we lose from our teaching programs.

Celebration Evening is a very special event that enables us to celebrate all of the wonderful achievements of our secondary students and also provides an opportunity for the School Community to farewell our Year 12 Class of 2017, before their final examinations commence.

Ticket bookings will shortly commence for Year 12 families and will become available for Years 7 – 11 families in the last week of this term. Closer to the actual date we will advise all secondary students and families which year levels and which particular students will be involved in rehearsals on the day of Wednesday 18 October. In the next couple of weeks, we will be commencing whole secondary school practices for our Massed Singing items, which alongside with our various Music performances is an annual highlight of a Tintern Grammar Celebration Evening.

I would like to remind all families that Celebration Evening is a compulsory school event for all Tintern Grammar secondary students.

Practice Examinations for Year 12 Subjects

Another early, but timely, reminder for students undertaking Year 12 subject studies is the upcoming practice examinations which annually are scheduled for the second week of our Term 3 holiday break: Monday 2 – Friday 6 October.

Year 12 VCE students, Year 11 VCE students who are undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject, and our Year 12 IB students will all be undertaking their practice examinations before their final written examinations that commence on Monday 30 October (IB) and Wednesday 1 November (VCE).

Our Senior Students will, in the next few weeks, receive their practice examination schedules and I ask all families to be aware of the dates of the practice examination week and to ensure that students are available to undertake these examinations that prove to be vital practice for their final examinations. VCE and IB practice examinations are supervised by external supervisors and thus provide good practice for working under final examination conditions.

During the recent semester break, all students and families received the Semester 1 reports and, as part of their reflection on performance and individual goals, many of our senior students are likely to have listed the need to improve their study habits. In the interest of promoting good study habits in the lead up to the practice and final examinations, I am providing the following Study Hints which are contained in the Senior College Course Handbook under the heading of ‘Practical Study Suggestions for all Students’:

Conditions for Study

  • Adequate light, ventilation, heat and space
  • Use a consistent workplace
  • Sit on a comfortable chair at a desk or table
  • Keep both noise and visual distractions to a minimum
  • Work while you are fresh


  • Physical fitness is important in order to work well
  • Proper food, exercise and leisure are essential
  • Adequate sleep is a must


  • Plan your study time; not only WHEN you will study, but WHAT and HOW you will study
  • Do not sit down to study and then try to decide what you will do – this is a sure way of wasting valuable time
  • Work out a study timetable, allotting time fairly so that each subject is well covered – this will overcome the tendency to spend too much time on any one subject at the expense of others
  • Break study time into blocks allowing for 5–10 minutes break after each hour
  • Use an efficient reading method, for example the SQ3R -survey, question, read, recall, and review

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Our Semester 2 interim reports and Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (interviews) are scheduled for later this month. Hence, to assist all families I would like to give early advice that we are holding our Term 3 Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences across the following dates: Tuesday 22 August; Wednesday 23 August; and Wednesday 30 August. Each of these sessions will run from 4 – 8pm in the CM Wood Centre. More information will be provided regarding Interim Reports and how and when to book interviews closer to the dates.

School Uniform

Finally a reminder to students and parents/guardians that students are required to wear full school Winter Uniform at this time of the year. With the only exception being EISM Sports Fixture days when complete correct sports uniform can be worn by those students who are participating in team events/practices or are officially involved in Senior College Recreation activities. The School Blazer must be worn to and from school with full school Winter Uniform. Full Winter Uniform is required to be worn until September 1 when either full Summer Uniform OR full Winter Uniform can be worn – but not a mixture of the two. From the commencement of Term 4, Tuesday 10 October, full Summer Uniform must be worn with the exception of Celebration Evening, a formal event to which students are required to wear full Winter Uniform.

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