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Our Year 6 Upcycled Entrepreneurs!

Many of you will be aware that our Year 6 Girls have just run their “Upcycled Market” again in 2015. This is a terrific example of the inventiveness and entrepreneurship of our students, but also taps into a growing group of young female entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the business world – both in Australia and overseas.

In her article entitled “Young Female Entrepreneurs should not be a rare breed”, Minister for Women, Sen. Michaela Cash speaks of the growing band of successful young female entrepreneurs.

Here is a brief excerpt:

“I learnt how each of their businesses started in the same way—with one simple idea.

These women took a leap of faith to turn their ideas and initiatives into tangible outcomes, consolidating their talents into successful business ventures.

They are part of a growing worldwide force of female entrepreneurs tapping into new local and global markets and exploiting new niches.

It is women like Gen, Jess and Nikki and the many before them, who have forever altered the way in which women participate in entrepreneurial activities around the globe.

Ernst and Young has identified that female entrepreneurs own about a third of all businesses in the world and in the next five years, the global incomes of women will grow from US$13 trillion to US$18 trillion—almost twice the growth in GDP expected from China and India combined.”

A number of very significant Tintern alumni are notable members of this group. Three examples are:

  • Lee Furst – winner of the Telstra Victorian Business of the Year Award
  • Jo Wheaton – founder of lipstick empire, “Shanghai Suzy”
  • Sarah Jane Young – noted blogger and social commentator

While our Year 6 girls begin this project with more modest goals, who knows where these might lead them in the future if they can be brave and also take that leap of courage and faith. Tintern has an astounding history of producing academics, doctors, politicians and researchers. Now we are seeing a new generation of achievers lighting the way to a possible future for our current and future students and more power to them!

For those who may wish to read it, the full article can be found here:

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