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This week have a special guest introduction from Allison Prandolini, Head of Girls’ Junior School. 

As we near the end of another school year, the minds of parents and students alike start to move to what is next; transitions can be exciting for some, whilst others find the prospect to be quite unnerving. It doesn’t seem to matter what age you are, from our youngest ELC students moving up to Pre-Prep or our Year 12 Students finishing their final exams, transitions can provoke emotions in all of us. 

As a parent, my eldest son is just finishing his Year 12 exams in what we all know has not been a typical year. Whilst we have supported him through this rite of passage, I have been surprised by my own emotions, recalling many of his school day memories and feeling a little timid about what the future may present.  

I know many of our Junior School girls and their families are feeling the same way. The girls are asking lots of questions, some of which seem to make sense and some that don’t! They are craving routines and the predictability of what they have come to understand in their current classrooms. This is all very normal. 

But this year is different. This year our students have shown us that despite anything else going on in the world, our students are resilient and will in fact thrive, even through times of change. In the Girls’ Junior School, we have been looking at the benefits from this year, and without hesitation, we have all noted the independence and flexibility our girls have demonstrated. 

Now is the time to remind ourselves, and our children about this. Tell them you are proud, tell them they can do it, listen with empathy to their concerns, and don’t feel you need to jump in with a solution. Remind them of what they have achieved this year and the support that they have to help them manage this next stepping stone in their life. 

As parents, it is our job to offer support and stability even in times of transition, to understand what our child needs and to contact the Tintern staff if you need help. We have a wonderful team of pastoral mentors and teachers to support each and every student at our school to ensure that they can be their best self. 

As for my son…I think I need to take my own advice! To listen to his concerns, to celebrate his efforts this year, and to have a mindset of inquiry rather than trying to problem-solve. Wish me luck!




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