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Thursday 10 September was RUOK Day, a day that Tintern has focussed on in recent years to highlight the importance of care and compassion, and its positive impact on mental health. On RUOK Day, many in our community inserted an RUOK? graphic in their email signature in recognition of the day and I must say it felt very supporting to receive so many emails on the day that felt like they were caring for me.

In the current climate in Melbourne and Victoria (I am writing this on the day After Premier Andrews released the “Road out of Lockdown” pathway), I can’t think of a more important question to ask any person you are in an online meeting with, sitting across the dinner table with, or just conversing with on the phone or social media. For some, the need for support may be more obvious, and for others less so, but there is no doubt that it is not always possible to know when someone needs that kind word, or embrace – so we ask, RUOK?

The Tintern Compass highlights the importance that we place on Compassion in our community, and compassion is something our students, staff and community ‘do’ as a matter of course, from my observation. But the Compass also highlights Responsibility – for ourselves and our actions, for others and also for our community. RUOK Day and the principles behind it are also all about seeking to take some responsibility for the wellbeing of others by just asking them how they are going.

So as we move towards the September term break, which will not feel like previous September breaks, let’s take every opportunity to ask people “RUOK?”, because at present we have many who are not.

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