From the Principal

The Spirit of Giving

The commitment and the generosity of the Tintern Grammar community last Sunday at the Cathedral Service was humbling. The numbers who attended St. Paul’s on a lovely summer afternoon was a testament to our community’s commitment to Tintern. I know that it must have been attractive to stay at home in the sun. I was pleased that this year we ensured we were aware which students attended the service, as for too long this has gone un-noted and unrewarded. I must say I did get a little concerned at one stage that we might be lacking sufficient seats, which would have been a good problem, but a problem nonetheless!

The spirit of the service was also wonderful and I thank particularly the Alisons; Reverend Alison Andrew and Mrs Alison Bezaire for constructing a service of colour and movement, wonderful music and student involvement, but also one of significance – no mean feat! Many other staff also contributed significantly and on all our behalves, I offer our thanks to all contributors and to the Archbishop for allowing us to hold our annual service of significance in his cathedral.

The research of Prof. Martin Seligman, the father of the science of Positive Psychology, draws clear conclusions about the positive effects of doing things for other people – not only on the receiver, but for the giver also. The generosity towards the collection was amazing, it is clear that the leadership shown by our senior students in framing this as something we must do as a community has been supported by the congregation in a most tangible and meaningful way. On Seligman’s evidence we will all be feeling very positive in deed after this afternoon!

Factis non verbis

Brad Fry

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