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A gift for Fathers’ Day (and not just to fathers!)

As we approach Fathers’ Day and under Stage 4 Lockdown, I think we could all do with a fool-proof pick up, so I would like to provide one!

When I was growing up, my mother thought it was important that everyone should be able to wash, clean and contribute in the kitchen. The elder of my two sisters trained as a chef and worked in hospitality and catering and the younger one is just a fabulous cook. Although serviceable in the kitchen, I left any development of real usefulness in the kitchen until quite late in life. About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to be really good at something in the kitchen besides making espresso coffee, and so I decided that my speciality would be making pizza! It was a learning journey, with plenty of twists and turns, different advice taken, and (sadly) included some pizzas with bases like biscuits in the early days!

Finally, and now a long time ago, my younger sister invited our family over for dinner and made pizza with a base that was just light years better than what I made! So, I would like to share her super-easy, absolutely Principal-proof, pizza base recipe with you. A dad can be a pizza expert with this, but so can anyone else! Below is a link to a video of it being made thanks to my daughter. It’s intended to be light-hearted and I’m certainly no Nigella or Heston, but I hope it helps!

Principal’s Fathers’ Day Pizza – The Recipe and More!

(to be used in conjunction with the How-To video)

Ingredient                                                                          Quantity

Bakers’ flour (or 00 flour or Tipo 00 flour)              125-150g per adult, adjust for children!

Dried yeast (at supermarket)                                      As per instructions, usually 1 tsp/250 flour

Salt                                                                                         ½ tsp/500g flour

Sugar                                                                                     ½ tsp/500g flour

Extra-virgin olive oil                                                         20-30 ml/500g flour

Warm water (not hot)                                                    500-600 ml for yeast mixture and some standing by

Measurements don’t have to be exact, as you will see on the video!

Items you need                                                               

Heatproof jug (can be glass or plastic)

Large mixing bowl (stainless steel is good, but not required)

Dough hook (see video if unsure) or large spatula if you don’t have a dough hook

Warm place to prove the dough

Oven set to 220 C or more if possible



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