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Gratitude and Appreciation

In times of stress, anxiety, or concern, it is the nature of humans to protect ourselves and our families, to ‘put up the shutters’ and understandably focus on ourselves from a care and safety perspective.

The current environment dominated by COVID-19 has impacted many, particularly economically and has expressed itself as an increase in savings in some family bank accounts where possible, decreasing credit card debt and a risk averse approach to matters financial. This has been the case across the world, and as we all know people whose circumstances have been affected financially, makes good sense in terms of personal risk management.

The above means that the selfless actions by so many in our community in giving to others at this time is even more amazing. Across our broader community the spirit of philanthropy has shown a level of generosity that speaks loudly and clearly of our community’s commitment to its values and to each other.

Over 15% of our families returned part or all of the Term 2 fee rebate, contributing to the Tintern Grammar Bursary account. These gifts enabled the School to support those families in dire circumstances and eased the pressure on the Schools operating budget, which would have otherwise contributed all the family support.

Similarly, the support that families, staff, Board members and Alumni have offered the Annual Giving has been astonishing. The vast majority of gifts have been towards the Tintern Grammar Bursary, or Scholarship Endowment funds. Both these are entirely about other people, not buildings, gardens, or even solar power, they are about people. Amazingly, during one of the most difficult times in recent human history, the greatest generosity ever has been shown in Annual Giving, both in number of donors, and in dollars donated, and those families and students who will benefit, both now and in the future, thank you.

I must say I find it difficult to adequately express my own gratitude to everyone who has contributed to both these. I offer my deepest thanks, both for their support of what we stand for as a community, and on behalf of those families they have helped. It has been heart-warming to hear and read the thanks of those families we have all been able to support and I am not afraid to say that during some of the difficult times over the last three or four months, they have been a source of comfort and buoyancy for me.

Whether we consider these actions in terms of our Compass Values, or our commitment to each other as a community, or simply as wonderful examples of Factis non Verbis (Deeds not Words), they show how caring and how strong our sense of community is.

Thank you,




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