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The signs of emergence and it feels a little like spring!

As I write this, we have experienced the joy of only 8 or less positive COVID-19 cases in the whole of Australia through the last 5 days and 20 cases or less each day for the last 10 days across the country – a truly remarkable turn around, well done to all of us in Australia! Like the green buds of spring, these are signs of hope for a warmer, more welcoming (and more normal) time not too far ahead, in schools particularly. This article will be published in 7 days, by which time things may have again shifted, possibly in unanticipated ways as they have so many times already, but I suspect not. I suspect we can be optimistic and have some building confidence in what the weeks ahead will bring us, with good reason.

As a scientist, I confess I have been something of a ‘data mining nerd’ during these last two months, as perhaps some of you have been too. There has been an enormously diverse mixture of opinion from specialists, authorities, journalists and keyboard warriors alike, but I always default to following the data, the evidence and the proof.  

Then there is always the question, “to whom should we listen?”, or “whose position can we trust?” in this matter. The Federal Chief Medical Officer (Brendan Murphy) and the State Chief Health Officer (Brett Sutton) are fed the most up to date, highest quality information and data from across Australia and overseas. Their views and positions are informed by research scientists and academics in world-renowned centres of research and learning and both know their credibility is tested by every decision or pronouncement they make.

There will always be those who feel the need to denounce a government’s (or any body’s) position, policies or actions for one reason or another. We live in a democracy where free speech is celebrated in such areas. But in the care and wellbeing of our population, our educators and most of all our children, we need to listen to the acknowledged experts, those who know and have the evidence for their position or policy.

I give you the commitment that to properly serve the safety and wellbeing of our whole Tintern community, the Board and I will be taking very careful note of the views, policies and advice of these experts in informing our decision-making.

I look forward to seeing you, I now hope, sooner rather than later.

factis non verbis



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