From the Principal

As I cast my mind back over the course of Semester 2, I am struck by the range of activities and achievements of our students. Languages Week, Year 3 and 4 Camps, House Music Showtime, Concerts, Maths Olympiads, Parent-Teacher Interviews, Year 9/10 Production, Presentation Ball and many, many more. Our students take up these options and opportunities with enthusiasm and energy, doing their best in a way that is wonderful to watch. At the same time they are clearly aware of their good fortune in being born in our country (“Brad, I tell my kids they’ve won the lotto being born in Australia” is a direct quote from one parent), in the commitment of their parents to support their education and their lives generally and in having teachers at their school who know them and care about them as individuals. This appreciation is even more rewarding to see.

Many of our students have also played significant roles in a number of service initiatives this year. These have been from our boys and girls right across our Junior Schools’, Middle Schools’ and Senior College. These activities, perhaps more than any other, illustrate their understanding of the importance of appreciation and the need to give back. On this, Tintern’s efforts in the 40 Hour Famine put us in the top 15 Schools in the State for 2015 for the amount raised. This is an amazing effort when we are being compared to Schools of two and three thousand students! Maddie Jones’ and Adele Bicknell’s terrific efforts with the 40km Walk and the support from our Community Groups and wider community all contributed to this result and I thank everyone for their wonderful efforts.

Service needs to be done by those who can, who ironically will likely gain nothing material from it. As a school community, we need to be a part of that group, as we not only can, but should, on behalf of those who cannot. Dr Martin Seligman’s research into Positive Psychology shows very clearly that doing things for other people improves your state of mind generally. His data over 20 years of research proves that service promotes optimism, good-humour, and happiness and encourages movement towards a fulfilling and meaningful life. It also helps you live longer (yes, really!). So let’s do things for others and each other and we can all benefit from this form of leadership.

Thank you to those parents who attended the Term 4 Principal’s Forum on Wednesday 27 October. If you were unable to attend, a recording of the Forum is available on the Portal. 

You will recall my note regarding the disappearance at sea of School parent Nick Smith two weeks ago. Below is a note I received today from Fiona Blackmore, Nick’s wife. It is self-explanatory, but can you please consider how you might be able to support Fiona, Louise and Ashley?

Factis non verbis



This is a memorial my beautiful kids have made for their Dad at Cutlers Beach near Wonthaggi where his boat washed ashore. There is still no trace of him.
Thank you so much for your support and love following Nick’s disappearance. Special thanks to our families and friends, especially Col, Lou, Sue, Josie, Cam, Rose, Ness, Amelie, Daphne, Keith, Hamish, Peter, Sue, Noel, the Water Police and the many who searched by air, sea and land.
Many of you have asked how you can help. My lovely family has set up our Helping Hands support coordinating site, Fi, Louise & Ash.
To join the Community go to the address
Use the ‘Join this Community’ link to fill out the form which is a Request to Join the Community. Once logged in you will see activities that we would love help with. I’m not sure yet what we will need in coming weeks so will add to this as my head gets clearer. Thank you all, Fi


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