From the Principal

“Mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healthy body)

Written originally by the poet Juvenal (ad c.60–c.130), from the Satires of Juvenal the Latin quote above has been used to describe the overall purpose of education since the 17th century. More recently, it has been adopted as a rationale for the inclusion of sport and physical activity in schools, arguing that mens sana in corpore sano isn’t possible without a healthy body – I’m not convinced that this was what Juvenal intended, however!

Sport and physical activity have a place of importance in the lives of all people, older and younger. It makes us more alert, productive, gives us more physical and mental staying power and ultimately enables us to live longer and more fulfilling lives. Competitive sport also engages our mind. It teaches us new skills and strategies, promotes the key skills of collaboration and teamwork and develops resilience as we can’t win all the time (and wouldn’t want to); and we learn great lessons from occasional defeats and falls in sport, as uncomfortable as those experiences can be at the time! So these activities contribute significantly to both a healthy body and a healthy and developed mind.

At Tintern one of the fundamental goals of the Tintern 2020 Strategic Plan is educating the whole child. This means we are preparing young people to lives these fulfilling lives. Significant involvement in physical activity, sport, outdoor activity, and the growth and education that arises from these, all form a part of this. We are currently focusing significantly on our Sport program under the oversight of Mr Adam Kenny and through the leadership of the Head of Sport, Mr Ross Jurey.

By the end of 2017, Mr Jurey will have led the school Sport program for seven years, first at Southwood, and then for both boys and girls at Tintern. He has worked effectively to engage our students, ensuring excellent participation and we have achieved consistently impressive results in the major EISM carnivals and Champions’ Meets. Mr Jurey has indicated that he will relinquish this role at the year’s end and I thank him for his commitment to the role, his hard work and sound management of our Sport program under his stewardship.

As one door closes, another opens and it is with pleasure that I announce the appointment of Ashley Viney as Head of Sport. Ash will be known to both Junior Schools and secondary students and families through his involvement with PE, Secondary Science teaching and of course sport. Ash is still a very successful sportsman himself, a State Representative in AFL football and a keen proponent of the importance of always doing the things that allow you to perform your best in everything. A fundamental of the Tintern Grammar philosophy!

I’m sure you will join with me in both thanking Ross Jurey for his work and wishing Ash the best as he takes up this new role. In it, he will be making a significant contribution to both aspects of the mens sana in corpore sano of our students!

Factis non verbis

Bradley Fry



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