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A Valedictory farewell – Year 12 and a new door opening

Tuesday 22 November was the Tintern Grammar Valedictory Dinner, the final formal occasion for our Year 12 leavers. Watching our Valedictorians, was to see them at their best; there was a sense of lightened spirit and great enthusiasm for the future. Listening to some Year 12 parents, it is clear that this has been seen at home as well. It is easy to forget the build up to Year 12 may take place over 2, 3 or more years and with it can develop a set of challenges, pressures and stresses, that build incrementally to November of Year 12.

The changes in behaviour that can develop are much more noticeable by their absence after it is over, than during the year, some parents observed. It is the same at school; we tend to become aware of a more obviously open, positive and relaxed young man or woman, after it is over, than we are during the year.

Our class of 2016 were happy to talk about their futures on Tuesday and it was terrific to hear of plans for the summer, for 2017 and for the years beyond. Many spoke with fondness of teachers, even some in the early years of Junior School, and all of them reflected on their time at Tintern or Southwood with some nostalgia, despite me pointing out it might be a little early for that!

When I walked out of the dinner leaving the students to their dancing and other celebrations, I reflected that not only had they been a wonderful cohort, treating each other well, supporting each other and sharing their aspiration, but that they leave us well prepared for their futures; confidently forging ahead into an uncertain world with mindfulness, kindness and courage.

Factis non verbis.

Bradley Fry

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