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Amazing students, amazing school!

This term we have achieved what we believe is a national first! In the National Mathematics Talent Quest, we have had two Tintern students win the National Championship! Ms Julie Tillyer, mathematics teacher, has worked in and for this competition for a number of years and was not certain that any one school had ever won two State Championships, but certain that no one school had ever won the National title in two year levels in the same year. Ashleigh Dowling (Year 7) and Gavin Choong (Year 9) were Tintern’s stars in this event and we congratulate them on their amazing achievements! To give this some scale, there were 500 State competitors!

Term 4 is a time when we reflect on achievements as we prepare for examinations and end of year assessments and prepare for the following year. Celebration Evening was a truly amazing night; showcasing the rich talents of our students in music, drama, the arts and academia and celebrating their contribution to our wonderful school in leadership, service and for just being themselves!

I was struck last Monday night by the richness and diversity of our community. We certainly want our students to do the absolute best they can academically, to open up as many opportunities as possible for themselves and to work towards being their best in everything they can do. However, we are about more than this and we value (and the 21st Century world values) so much more than this. The richness and diversity I refer to above are not quantities measured by the NAPLAN, ICAS, PAT testing or in an examination. These are the areas where Tintern truly grows its students and they will be valued by astute 21st Century employers, mentors and guides.

Over the last period of our Year 12s presence at our school, I have been struck by their ability to work together in a cohesive and collaborative way, aware of their own and others’ strengths and how to use them to the best effect. I have listened to our young men and women able to articulate their hopes for the world and themselves, clearly able to empathise with the feelings and needs of others. I have heard our students talk of their goals of service projects overseas, community service in Australia and helping the less fortunate. What lofty aims, and ones that demonstrate the leadership and service to the community we aspire to in our values-based community.

We wish our Year 12s, and any other students who may be leaving us in 2015, the very best of fortune in their future. We are confident that our Compass will guide them in their aims and goals, not just now, but for their lives and not just for them but for others and for their world. After all, that is what education really needs to be about!

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