From the Principal

Our Admissions and Marketing Department, the (smiling) face of Tintern Grammar!

(from L to R, Michelle Lu, Heidi Howard, Lisa Dauparas, Brad Fry, Marion Cape and Di Lacey)

The public face of any school is its Admissions staff and Tintern have been very fortunate with the quality of its public face over the years. In recent weeks there has been substantial change in the department as Sarah Buchanan, who will have been the connection for many of your enrolments, has left us to seek a role in another area entirely. At the same time, we have had a restructure of the roles in Admissions to give the staff more School presence and the department a more public profile.

In the last fortnight, we have been fortunate to be joined by Marion Cape, the former Registrar at Caulfield Grammar (Wheelers Hill campus) as our Director of Admissions and Marketing, and Lisa Dauparas, as our Admissions Officer. Marion and Lisa join Michelle Lu our International Admissions Officer, Heidi Howard our Marketing Assistant and Di Lacey our Community Relations Development Manager to form our welcoming and very capable Admissions and Marketing Department.

On another topic, you should by now have received an email regarding our community forum, facilitated by Michael Carr-Gregg, entitled “Living Digitally in the 21st Century”, I certainly hope to see many of you there but this is more than just a Tintern event. Please encourage your friends and neighbours of Year 5 and up children to contribute a question and come along (RSVP is through the QR code or email address on the flyer you were emailed).

In line with the long-standing practices and traditions of Tintern, we are looking to empower our community in the challenging and confusing area of digital living and its attendant offshoots!

Factis non Verbis

Brad Fry

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