From the Principal

This week’s From the Principal article is written by Head of Sport Ash Viney


The last two years has taught us about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, how participation in sport is extremely important for students to continue to develop their physical skills, and the beneficial relationship between the two. Participating weekly in teams with their friends allows students to develop skills such as resilience, working co-operatively with others, self-esteem and importantly, connection with others.

Connecting with others has been a large focus of not only schools, but families and friends after the experience of lockdowns. Connecting with others has been difficult over the last two years and the Sports program at Tintern allows our students to connect each week with their peers and staff members.

The uptake of Sport by students at Tintern Grammar post COVID-19 has been fantastic to see. After two years of minimal to no sporting activities due to government restrictions, all sporting activities have run this year as planned. We have seen students return to weekly EISM interschool sporting competitions, House Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals, EISM Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals and other tournaments such as Volleyball Schools Cup, EISM 5 a Side Soccer, EISM Tennis Open, Equestrian and Snow Sports events. Tintern has achieved some fantastic results at EISM level in all competitions.

Through sport, students are able to grow and develop their character through winning and losing, working together towards a common goal, developing communication skills, time management, leadership and attitude. Tintern has compulsory weekly sport from Years 7-11 and Year 12 students have the option to play sport or complete private study.

Students from Years 5-12 have continued to train both before and after school in the EISM Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country training squads under the guidance of our expert coaches. We also provide two before school fitness sessions each week with a qualified instructor for our Years 9-12 students to ensure they start their day with some physical activity.

Participation in physical activity and sport should be lifelong due to the associated health and wellbeing benefits. We encourage all students to continue their participation in the sports program through to the end of Year 12 and into their adult life. Through our weekly Sport program, we also offer recreation activities for those students who are not playing in competitive teams. Some examples of these activities are fitness classes such as: Spin, Pump, Body attack, Boxing, Yoga. We also offer swimming, trail walking and non-competitive games of sport such as hockey, soccer, badminton, softball, football.

I strongly encourage all students to continue to engage with the Sport program at Tintern and enjoy the many benefits of playing sport and keeping an active lifestyle. I am looking forward to a successful 2023 on the sporting field for Tintern Grammar.



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