From the Principal

Tintern Grammar’s “Our Focus, Your Future – Forward Strategy Towards 2030”, endorsed as our school’s compass bearing into the future.

I am very pleased to announce to the Tintern community that at the May meeting of the Tintern Grammar Board, our new forward strategy publication, “Our Focus, Your Future – Forward Strategy Towards 2030”, was endorsed as the formal statement of Tintern Grammar’s future direction. In the coming weeks, this Forward Strategy document will be disseminated to the community.

The expression of the forward strategy was something the Board and the senior leadership team wanted to ensure was in jargon-free plain language, and was an easily understood, expression of what the School stands for, how it serves its students, and what it aims to achieve for its students and community. I believe it will speak with clarity to all of us, whether parents, alumni, staff, or students.

During our consultation phase, one thing that emerged from current parents and alumni was a view that there was a lack of cohesion between the student/parent experience at Tintern, and the School’s promotion and marketing. I am confident that over the development of the Forward Strategy we have addressed this, and that our community will feel that we now promote and articulate Tintern as a learning and growth experience that more clearly and authentically matches the wonderful care, excellent academic learning, and the important broader education, that our students experience over their journey through the School.

Parents, alumni, staff, and students can be reassured that we continue to be absolutely committed to the care and wellbeing of our students as a critical pre-condition for the academic, broader capability, and social/emotional growth we aim to optimise in all our students. We will of course continue to prioritise the excellent foundation, primary, and secondary, academic teaching and learning that underpins VCE and later life success, whilst also ensuring our graduates are ready for the quite different post school landscape they will journey to, particularly when compared to the one that I experienced, and the one many parents will have experienced too.

For our graduates when they leave us, we continue to work together over the school journey with the aim that as Tintern graduates, they will strive to be:

  • Knowledgeable Caring Thinkers
  • Open-minded Enquirers
  • Balanced Risk-takers
  • Principled Reflective Communicators

Based on our community consultation during the construction of the forward strategy, I am certain that our whole community will continue to work with the School to develop these capabilities, attitudes, and dispositions in our students and our community, which will then guide and inform our graduates’ approach to work, to relationships, to aspiration and to their care of themselves and others.

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