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This week we have a special lead introduction from Adam Kenny, Head of Boys’ Junior School…. 

As I sit gazing at the beautiful view from the Teacher’s Lodge at Camp Manyung Mt Eliza, where we are so grateful that our Years 3 to 4 students have been able to attend and enjoy their annual Camp, a Camp Counsellor’s Manifesto sits on the wall next to me.

In part it says;

“I believe in camp. I believe in shorts and t-shirts. I believe that camp makes a difference in every camper’s life, as well as my own.

Camp is a place that I can get away from the rush of everyday life and back to the basics. Every camper is an individual and I need to treat them as such. One method does not work with all campers. I will strive to find the balance that will help me to see each camper as an individual And help me to give them each the summer of their lives.”

There is much about this that resonates with the phrase, “For Care, turn to Tintern.”

For many children (and adults…I must admit, I do find myself becoming a little homesick at nights), Camp requires an enormous amount of resilience and strength. Being away from home, and living closely as part of a community, can be very challenging. It is during these times when kids might be emotionally fragile that I know that the care of staff is even greater than normal.

I am always moved by the way in which staff gently guide, encourage and in the most caring way, find the ‘method’ that works for  young campers, as has occurred on our current Camp.

Sometimes seeing our children head off on camp is almost harder for us as parents! (Sometimes, it can also be a blessed relief!) When my Will heads off on the Year 9 Summer Expedition, I know that he will love being with his mates in a relaxed environment.

Because the care that the students display towards one another is just as inspiring as that of the staff.

There is an innate sense of our compass point of Compassion with our students, and when on Camps, they know when one of their peers is being challenged, needs some extra assistance and/or an extra word of encouragement or act of kindness.

For parents and guardians, the most effective Care you can show your child as they head to camp, is to provide them with opportunities to practice our Compass Point of Independence.

Hanging up wet clothes, knowing how to use cutlery at the table, keeping belongings neat and tidy, applying sunscreen, cooking simple meals, doing things for oneself! These sound simple, but in Camp life, they are desperately needed, are if missing, they can take away much of the shine of a camp.

The camping program at Tintern is rich and varied, providing so many wonderful memories,  and another aspect of school life that helps shape the character of our students while further developing significant relationships between staff and students.

For Care, Turn to Tintern (camps!)





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